The 'Shock' Of the Lightning

The change that I told, which would take place in the blog, takes place from this post, there will be almost no dedications from here, if there is one, then just think that person had influenced me to change my life(again ;)), so that’s it, let’s get started, shall we??

Once when I was watching a Roadies audition, raghu asked a question to a guy saying, “what’s the most incredible experience happened to you?”, the guy answered “I have kissed a girl underwater i.e. 10 feet below sea level”, the guy was obviously telling a lie, and so he got totally screwed by raghu, I want to participate in the auditions of roadies next year, so I dint wanna say a fancy lie and get screwed, I was determined of telling the truth (@ least this time ;)), later when I was listening to farhan akhtar singing Socha Hai(have you thought of?) , I gave the socha hai a lil thought, I asked myself “what’s the most incredible thing happened to me?”, I thought hard, and when nothing but a headache came, I left the thought there,

but still the question pestered me, I sat back and did the Socha hai again, (ting) a bulb glowed, (I think you know which one ;)) an old memory came where once I had met in an auto accident, after which my grandmother was hospitalized who was in the same auto, she got 2 BIG scars, but nothing had happened to me, I escaped without a scratch (I still feel jealous of my grandmother though, lucky her :D), but one fine day (i.e. couple of days back) I got the answer for that question..

I had my exam, and after finishing the herculean task ;), I had come home at around 8 in the evening, I had no idea, what the next hour would bring into my life, I freshened up, and then sat down on my comp to write a Blog post, and to get a lil relaxed I was also listening to songs with my earphones, my system is beside the TV, so mom was watching a serial on it, 8.20 on the clock and I heard a earth shattering sound on my ear phone (dhadamn), I felt horrible pain, like a couple of hammers brutally hitting my ears, I was also not wearing any slippers and I got a severe current shock from the ground, I let out a loud scream, power went off and I saw the system was still on, so I cut its power, I checked my ears first, by saying “hello testing”, “hello testing”, you won’t believe but that’s the exact words that came out of my mouth, I felt at ease when I could hear the words ok,

In this chaos, I saw my dad hitting something with furious force, I got to know that a lethally venomous snake had crawled into the house, and dad had killed it, it had come when the power went out, it could have bitten each and every member of my family that day, I could have died that day, the experience of the snake and lightning jolted me so bad, that I was shivering from head to toe.

Later I got to know that the lightning which had hit, had hit to a power grid, by which there was a power surcharge, as we were also watching TV when the lightning hit, we checked it to see if it was all right..

We got know that it was toast, mom came and sat beside me and asked me “can you hear all right?”, my uncle said “close your one ear and test your ears again”, to my horror I found out that my left ear which had a burning sensation, was hearing less, I said this to mom, she said “don’t worry it’s because of the shock, try it out in the morning, if it’s not better, we will visit a doctor”, I was still in the shock from the experience, when my friend jasmine called me.
I said to her what had happened to me, and she was full of concern, she forgot what she had called for and asked me if I can hear all right, I said yeah, she advised me (literally dragged me ;) from the phone, and told me to have a glass of milk, without sugar or anything sweet added to it, I said “that’s gonna be horrible, I haven’t drank milk without sugar in my life, why should I do that?”

She said “you got a current shock na, it will help calm your nerves down,” I said “I won’t”, she said “you have to, thousif you have to” and I couldn’t say no to her, I said “yeah I will do it” and she said “go to a doctor tomorrow” and after some more talking, she cut off the phone, later I boiled a glass of milk and gingerly drank it, thinking how horrible it will be, but to my surprise it was not as bad as I thought it was, I felt better, but still the shivering dint go, I was shivering so much that, tears were coming out of my eyes, not because I was crying, but because the shivering was making my body to cry, god it was horrible, and even when I think about it now, it feels as bad as it had been on that day,

I got up in the morning and checked my ears, (again with the ‘hello testing’ thing ;)) to my relief they sounded all right, and the burning sensation was also gone, my parents asked me how I feel, I said, I am ok, later when I sat down and thought about it, I felt the whole experience has left an emotional scar in my brain.

But now I can proudly say to raghu when I meet him, my most incredible experience, about how I was hit by the shock’ of the lightning, and how I almost died that day, and how I almost became deaf, worst day ever, but experience gained none the less yeaaaahhhh(read the ‘yeah’ in a devilish manner)……. :D

Take care guys you wouldn’t want a lightning to hit you lol, c ya


Anonymous said...

oh! why dont u go for roadies auditions next year? i have been telling that too all my cousin brothers...then I will have someone famous to show off to people! Then you can have raghu's autograph for me too ;-)!!!!!!
By the way, you are VERY accident prone. And lucky to get over them.. ! :-)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ ramya: yeah that was damn lucky,
thank you for visiting again an if i go then yes you will have his auto graph too
take care c ya ;)

Gayathri said...

wow!!so u r a roadies aspirant??u need to be a lil more strong man :P.. just kidding..
but then,u didnt really go deaf??how sad :P he he..

QM said...

Hahahha. Sounds like fun:D

TQ for the award. I really appreciate it(:

Love the new layout btw,

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ gayathri: you always make me smile god, thats so incredible ;), i will show you when i get on tv and say hey gayathri here i am , even if i make a complete fool of myself :D

@ Qm: compliment accepted thank you very much ;) take care

Vyazz said...

Hmmm...just popped by here...and read ur post!!!
And all I can say is "wow".....lightening and a snake, now that's what I call double jeopardy!!!
That will be a cool story to tell, not just to Raghu but to any other person u meet!!!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ vyazz: hey vyazz thx so much for dropping by yaar, adn i got lotsa stories like that to tell, hope to c ya soon again take care.....

ANWESA said...

it was a humorous i know y my parents desperately request me 2 switch off my pc wen der is a lightning lolz

Aw.S.M said...

Oye agreed ki it was a brilliant electrifying moment but dont u go about getting urself electrocuted young man!! time u need a greatest moment..think of somehting sane..:)...u ll have us worried bro ;-) the way..the hearing is still ok rite?

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ anwesa: thx a ton that you dropped by and i am glad you liked the post, take care and yes i am smiling much now

@ Aw.S.M: amith i dint call for it, it just came and yeah electryinf as it was , God i can never forget it, and at last i have you here on a second time, keep crawling more ok, take care c ya