Dusted from the past

When my friend jasmine told me that she liked reading poems, that was the 1st time when i thought of writing poems, i never believed that i could write them until she encouraged me

I started by writing this one below,

Poem 1
The time when I met u, the sun turned red
I suddenly thought is it time to bed?
But then I got to know what it means,
So beautiful it was, of all the scenes
It was a relationship, that no one knew,

I had found a beautiful friend it was you.

I know its not great, but she liked it and that boosted my confidence some more

The rest of the poems that you will read have all been written when i was in college listening to my lecturers :D, you will know the reason as you read them, have fun.

Poem 2
Sun, stars and moon I like to see
But it’s you, with whom I always wanna be,
I thought life is what, you make it to be
But it got its real meaning, with you as the key,
Never has someone come close to my heart
Without you, even a day I cannot leave apart.

Poem 3
The first time that I met you at a bay
All those beautiful dreams I saw in may,
It all came together in one piece
Like a moment one could never seize,
I got something as special as morning dew
Most precious & beautiful in my life, it’s you.

Poem 4
Money seems just like a waste
Even honey has lost its taste,
Morning sunrise doesn’t have that charm
When it appears above that farm,
It makes every moment in my life worthwhile
When I see that special warmth in your smile.

Poem 5
I gasped for a moment, when I first saw you
Because the beauty of your smile was so untrue,
I thought there was nothing to see in this world
But it got erased, as I was caught in your hold,
I can never forget that grace in your eyes
They can never be compared, even to the skies

Parting Shot:"Whenever I count my blessings, your name comes first on my lips, because you are the best gift, god ever gifted me with"

And the above line is dedicated all of my beloved friends (yes you my blog readers) you make me happy everyday with your lovely comments, thank you,

The 'A' selection list of my college is coming up Friday so get back to praying for me OK ;), take care of yourself c ya soon.............


Gayathri said...

So i'm the first one making your!
anyway,love love love..try better themes :P..sorrow??wonderful idea no?i know i know :P

Anonymous said...

Live apart...
But I agree...Whats with the mush? :)
Good going though.

debaraty said...

hi thousi...

ur poems are just like u... sweet and full of heart... they make me realize how blessed i am that u are in my life... achha ek advice... ek funny poem try karo... wld love to read that... from U... take care bhodai...

ur best fren forever n ever


QM said...

Beautifully written(:
I love it so much!

Glad to be back, stay in touch!!

Salma said...

Nice work!I liked your poems :)
It was my first time to write a poem when i was 13 years old and i found it interesting so i went on and won the first prize in a poem contest held in an egyptian american center almost 2 years ago!! So keep on writing :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ gayathri: sorrow well thats what just my life has been covered from the past couple of days, so will c about the poem, thx yaar :) take care

@ choco: nothing much choco felt something so decided to put it up, thx for the appreciation

Thousif Raza said...

@ jasmine: at last kahaan thi tum? still just yeh post main hi comments hain kya, hmmm well abt the funny one you will hear about it soon enough, take care

@ QM: its gr8 to see you back too, thank you tc

@ salma: welcome to my blog and i read your poems they are beautiful yaar, very, hope to see more of you here, take care c ya .....

Butterfly Thoughts said...

hmmm that was a sad one:-( Cheer has its own ways and we never understand the things the moment they happen. LIked this one. Was emotional and touchy.Keep smiling:-)

Thousif Raza said...

@ butterfly thoughts: well thx for the support i will try, its good to see y back take care

Anonymous said...
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ANWESA said...

I had really missed lots of your posts.Poetry is an overflow of powerful emotions.I'm glad that you write such sweet pieces.Keep writing and blogging :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: thank you ya, its appreciation from you guys that gives me strenth take care :)

workhard said...

Aww.. nice take at poetry..i like all of them. but my fav is the fourth one..

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Thousif Raza said...

@ work hard: thank you man, much appreciated :D.......

divsi said...

its so much fun readin the things u wrote in the past...that is real wealth...wen u sit cleanin yr cupboard n stumblin on these lil sumthings...
i got one last month wen i was cleanin my cupboard ...a poem i wrote in 4th std:O lol