Do you know that some of the best thoughts occur to you while taking a bath.........

Because when I was taking a bath(which i rarely do ;)) yesterday, the thought that came to me was as evident as day light, but I couldn't see it earlier, as I thought more about it, I was so excited that I wanted to do something of this thought........

you know I always wondered why Archimedes, screamed 'Eureka' and ran out naked, I guess I now know why :)

Now don't let your imagination run wild, I dint run from the bathroom screaming “Eureka”, “Eureka”, (as much as I wanted to), but I dint something better

I came out 'after' dressing myself and sat down to write down the thought, and the thought is


You know its so true, person who are good and nice in nature, helpful to others always, and I mean always finish last. To prove that the band Green Day have also sung a song with the same name which brings more 'evidence' to my thought. ;)

The reason this happens is because you take the care of a person for granted, because one thinks, aah he/she is there na they always will be to care of us, thats the biggest and the most stupidest mistake one ever commits.

I think you all must have passed through this phase (If you have been good that is ;)) , that when you are always there for a person, caring about them and solving their problems ok. And when the problem is solved, the person just says how much he is thankful to have you and then couple of days later nothing, nada, no news from the person, when you message or call he/she doesn't even reply to it and we are thinking what has happened to him/ her, thoughts of something bad might have happened to them come to your mind, and you don't sleep properly in the night worrying about the person.

While after 3 months there is a scrap in your scrapbook saying “How r u? Howz life?” Aah its so irritating, first doing that and now doing this and when we reply saying “I am angry with you, why dint you reply to my msgs or calls?” 'couple of weeks later' another scrap comes saying “I was busy”

You know what is one sentence that I hate the most, its 'I WAS BUSY', its like telling you, “Dude I got better things to do than waste my time on you”, if you are so busy why don't you forget to dress everyday, its easy na yaar wearing no clothes you can save that time too so that you can be 'busy', why do you waste time to travel, just sleep and be at your damn office or school only and complete your 'busy' work. ugghhhhhh

I know I sound a (lot) little crazy, but its the truth, the least you can do is telling the person “Please don't feel bad I was doing some idiotic things which required my idiotic attention, I will return to my favorite idiot as soon as its done”, at least that will bring a smile on you friend's face, you will work everyday but you wont meet your friends everyday cant you at least do that by taking some seconds off from your so called 'busy' schedule??.

And just like Harshita and Kajal have said in their respective blogs some time earlier, Make someone smile today, its will not just bring happiness to that person but will make your life more beautiful too, really try it, and don't just do it for your friends but for anyone who is sad around you, trust me your day will brighten up like none other, kyon ki khushiya baatne se badti hain yaaro (because happiness gets doubled by sharing my dear friend).

I especially wanna say thank for all the guys, who make my day beautiful by sending me comments, you don't just give your opinion, but the words you leave behind spread so much happiness into my life that, you cannot possibly imagine about how happy I feel, thank you guys, thank you so very much.

I hope I made you smile today. :)

OK, so now the bottom line is WHY DO GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST??, the simple reason is because the person who cares for you is not cared enough, so focusing on that lemme just tell you please if you got a friend or a person who genuinely cares for you please for god sake I beg of you, don't take his/her caring for granted, but express how much you care for the person, if not everyday at least make it a habit to to say whenever you have time, it will not just bring happiness for your friend alone but for you too.

Status update: My journalism selection list went to hell, so no studying now, i am out on a job hunt, Reason was there was only one seat among 5o seats for students of 'Other university' (yeah life is cruel), and i wanna thank you for all the persons who supported me during my difficult time last week, i just cant thank you enough guys, than you for being there, thank you :)

Saying that I say sayonara, take care and make life around you beautiful by spreading smiles as much as you can. Take care.


HaRy!! said...

hey... first time here....funny blog yu hav:) eureka in a new outlook..ho ho.!

As the Mind Meanders said...

Good Guys finish last... can I disagree... a wee bit... good guys finish last if they try and run the same race that the bad guys run... That race requires a different approach which goes against the good guys philosophy... so it isnt really a race among equals...

Luckily there arent too many guys who are that good... and luckily there are different avenues for them to exploit their niceness...

QM said...

I remember always laughing when I open up my physics book, with the first thing shouting, "EURAKA!"


Being last doesn't mean you're weak. I think if that someone gave his all and still being last, he is a true winner who can survive in any situation you throw at him.

But I do agree, many people do take other's care & love for granted. Sometimes we are just too full of ourselves, we tend to forgot those who brought us to this very day.

Awesome post, Thousif!
And yes, you made me smile today(:
If it helps, you made me laugh too!

ANWESA said...

good guys (and gals) finish last but life is not a competition,is it? there is an inherent bliss in being good,trust me.Yes,its true that we must not take our loved ones for granted(mothers are the biggest victims,again trust me).n u know what i guess i hurt a friend of mine unknowingly though in a similar way.hope he understands!! n yes,great ideas come while bathing-that was news for me :) wishes for a great job ahead!!!

chaitanya said...

nice blog there buddy,i agree when someone is too good,they are taken to be granted but as someone already said in the comments,being good gives a feeling that is incomparable.

i will update a small story on my blog on why good people want to continue being good .

Anonymous said...

Why do guys get all their ideas in the loo? yep. I think its just the guys. I for one get my ideas in the middle of the night or as soon as I wake up.

And I hate to say that I have to agree with Mr Mind. Good guys AND Girls(AhEM) are good and will hence hopefully not be in the same race as the bay guys/girls. And even if they are they will value the experience of the race more than the finish line. :)

Good choice of topic though :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ hary: hey thx man, well hope to see more of you, take care

@ As the mind meanders: but still, there is a thng called cut throat competition, where the bad guys take rods which the good guys never will, and by this good guys will finish last, as bad guys intednd to tke shortcuts na, but i agree, somtimes world is real hard for the good guys

@ QM: i totally agree, and i am so glad that i could make you smile too, take care

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: well mehek i think life is a competiton, because only when we compete thats the time we excel, isint it..... and i so agreee on mothers care being taken for granted, and yes that friend has undrestood, no worries there :), and thank you, wish you the same abt ideas in bathroom :D, tc

@ chaitanya: thx man, will look forward for your story, ciao

@ Choco: well Blog gore can put more light on that, for the ideas in the bathroom thing :P, but thats not the only placw eher we get good ideas, for me it may be vrowwded bus stop, or while watching tv, most of the time its when watching tv, :D, and yes in way i agree and in another way i just a lil biut dont, there are always 2 sides of a coin rgt, much thx for the honest comment yaar, much appreciated, take care

Anonymous said...

good guys finish last...
I think there is a need to first define what we mean by good guys..
I can be good(meaning honest for the time being)and can be clever at the same...
and I can be mean and act like a good guy...
or else I can be a honest and fool and the modern bahus being depicted in the 'hugely popular shows'...

but seeing things without entangling oneself in too much in philosophy..I appreciate what you want to say..
and yes I confess some of the brightest ideas have come to me when I was mmm.. won't say sorry..

btw I blogrolled u... do visit mine..


Thousif Raza said...

@ R.S: true i agree, by good guys i mean who do withour expecting anything, and abt the bahus you are so true on that :), thx for following, will be on yours soon, take care

akanksha said...

Quite an exhaustive list out there! :D

So many pets,,guess 're an animal lover!:) Nice post though:)

workhard said...

Thats a nice list.. funny..

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AB HOME Interiors said...

haha cute post! Holy cow it was long. You have such patience!! But fun to read

Thousif Raza said...

@ akansha: yes ma'am i am and i am happy to see you here after a long time, thx for the comment very much :D

@ work hard: hey welcome to my blog yaar, and thx very much for the comments, hope to c more of here, take care

@ amanda: you have been out for while haan, glad that you are back, take care c ya

Durga Nandan said...

:D Nice tag you got there..
At first I thought I will nick it from you and do it too.. But the da^n 100 qns would certainly end my patience. :D
Left the thought ... :D

Thousif Raza said...

@ durga nandan: thx man, but patience pays so try it k , take care hope to cya more :)