Laws of the past Hit or Flop?????

In my last post I had mentioned that in Gujarat, the chief minister is not approving scholarships for minorities and based on the couple of comments i got there, I found out that most of people don't like scholarships that are given on caste quota and would rather like scholarships based on the financial position of the student.

Well I discussed this with many peeps in my family, and guess what, they all had the same opinion, I and my mom frequently indulge in such debates, when i asked her about this she said “Government makes rules and then they are just bound by them, because when you make a rule or law some people like it and some don't and later when a decision is taken to change it, the persons who like it don't let the government change it, they protest and do all other things to stop it, why, just cause they are benefiting from it”

Same is the case with scholarships based on minorities, this system was all too good in the independence era, cause then the people really needed it, as minorities were among the smaller sections of the society, but now after almost 61 years of independence the whole position of the country has changed in such a way that nobody could imagine, but still the law remains that scholarships be given to “minorities”, but its turning out to be one of the biggest problems of the country, as many able students who are not “minorities” cannot continue their education further because of financial difficulties.

My cousin brother to feels the same he said “I totally agree, scholarships given to minorities should be stopped, and rather it should be given to those people who are not able to continue their education because they are financially distressed, it will not just help the poor section of the society but will improve the overall situation of the country, as able students will get through and not just because they are minorities”

The problem has taken a so diverse turn that now these quotas that they give to minorities is being misused, I have seen in some of the colleges they are just 2 seats for 'category 2B' i.e. Muslim category, they don't even look in the general category, I know you guys cant believe it, but seriously that is the case.

And its even worse in the field of job arena, for example teachers who are appointed for government schools in karnataka have just 2 seats reserved for Muslims in all over the state, they don't even look at the marks scored by the candidate, they see the category and put the application in that category and then select the candidate seeing the marks in only that category, my cousin sister is struggling for a government job from 10 years and every time its the same reason.

But no the people will not come forward and protest this why, cause they are “benefiting” from it, I mean come on, is it really the case??, why cant one see the bigger picture that, by providing quota's everyone is at loss including the one getting the quota's, we just need better laws and rules, but before that we need people to understand which is better and which is not, cause even we who are getting these so called quota's are not happy from it, lets just hope that happens fast and the situation gets better

With that I bid adieu, I especially wanna thank Gayathri and Ramya cause without them this post would never have been written, thx guys, well I got a a entrance exams tomorrow so pray nicely and wish me luck OK, take care c ya soon.


Keshi said...

Thousif Im here to thank ya for ur kind words in my blog. I will rem them. for now, Im off. On a break. Will see how I feel in time :) Dun worry. I shall be back.

TC n keep writing!


Gayathri said...

Glad that u revised your's appreciable to be flexible when it's for something good..
and u spoke of the case in karnataka,where the sitn,if its the way u say,is becoz of bjp govt,i every other state,the people of those minority community,are put into the reserved quota as well as the general a result of which it's the other financially desperate but unfortunately,born in majority community,that suffers!

ANWESA said...

The laws are surely a flop-it doesn't serve the real need.
Hope you had a wonderful examination!!

Harshita said...

Yeah! true...

I also agree with most of ur family... financial position shud be the parameter for scholarships...

Wish u all the best for ur exam... sure u will rock!!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ keshi: hey keshi no thank we are frenz remember, i just want to you to be happy that's it, be smiling ok take care c ya ;)

@ Gayathri: i may have been wrong earlier but if i see i am doing a mistake i will immediately correct it, thats what i do always, still as i said minority quota has come a long way and i think it still will, the people should oppose it until then nothings gonna happen....

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ anwesa: glad again to see you here :), the examination was difficult but i guess because of your and harshita's prayers the easy part was quite easy, thx a ton :)

@ harshita: well said, and thx for the wishes yaar, tc :)

Anonymous said...

I agree... Financial status needs to be the criterion... Well, lets just hope things get better :)

Hope the exam went well :)

And yes, please feel free to take the 'I did' award... :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ miss kiddo: hey welcome to my blog yaar, i am so happy you came by :), and yes i will take the award thank you, take care