The Week :)

So so so, another week and I am back, yeee haw (Its the Taylor swift effect :P)

Time passes by so fast na, because there are some moments in life which you want to rewind back and just keep experiencing it again and again. Ah for me this week was just as such...

Last Monday there was this journalism fest in a college and I was to take part in mad ad's, the product we selected was newspaper, and we had to show the 'other' uses of it, Ideas were put together and the act was set according to the concepts.

We practiced hard, and believe me I had stage fear till last month, but on freshers day, there was Saree wearing competition and I voluntarily (Read: Bound in chains) went to take part in it, in between all the fun that took place while my parter made me wear the Saree, and I laughing so hard that the Saree fell down. one thing went away from me never to return back, and it was my stage fear.

One month later, and here we were getting ready for the mad ad's, wherein one concept was that, I was “What's up man” (Buhahaha, I donno why I just did that :P) and I wearing a newspaper underwear(Orders on special request only :P) seeing another guy acting as 'superman', who had forgotten to wear his red underwear, was to say “where is your chaddi man?” hearing this he would run away while I posing as a super model in my paper chaddi walked away with models.(not male they were females :P)

I treasure that moment, I wanted to rewind and look back which I did while watching the video of it (Which I wont show you :P), but if I hadn't given up my fear that day while wearing the Saree, I wouldn't have been “whats up man” today.... I am so very proud, so very proud that I became of what I became.

Thats one, another incident concerns my bhabhi... My T.A bhabhi is the funnest(Its in dictionary all right :P) person I have ever met, she can make you smile even when you are crying, and she has been my constant source of motivation, but she is also my biggest leg puller, you had to see her laughing when she was making that paper chaddi for me, she even teases me now, and I guess its will go on for more than a month for sure, and with that she has kept a new name for me......

(Drumroll.....) Its Chaddi bear :P

She is the one person with whom no moment spent is dull, every moment is kind of just rewind-play-it back-rewind-play-it-back moments, its so very awesome, any time I feel sad, she comes calling me papad lal, or chaddi bear, now who wouldn't smile for that tell me.... ;), I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Well thats it for this week, see you next week, have a fun weekend take care :)

P.S: Another reason why I am very happy this week is because I am stealthily downloading music albums from my college lab, bringing my album count to 205 and song count to 9167 yeee haw ;)

P.P.S: Guess what my shopping friend 'D' said when I asked her what Rubik's cube was: “Colour color box” :D


Shree Kanth said...

i your writing is wonder full, keep your writing and take care......

Harshita said...

haha... that was a great post... ur shopping friend D is cute :D

And it is always great if someone is there to make u smile wen u r all low... Lucky you.

sulagna chatterjee said...

colour colour box:) i also have one which is struggling to have at least one face of one colour :)

PS: I left an award for you on my blog for that awesome mail you dropped me in my inbox :) :)

QM said...

Awww, shopping friend(; hahahh

Amusing post btw, colour box. lolll

take care(:

sheeza said...

wow great

i wish u have more fantastic moments ahead.

AB HOME Interiors said...

Im having a hard time with the yee haw.....LOL! And I cant believe that Taylor swift has made it to India!! WOW! Do you know that she lives down the street for me? Yup, we arent exactly pals or anything like that but she is my neighbor; and she has you saying YEEHAW!!! HAHAHA Love the new blog!

radiorocker said...

Chaddiman, Chaddiman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a Chaddi of Paper, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Chaddiman.

lol couldn't think of a better song for a superhero! A spoof of the spider man song. couldn't find any good one on Superman!

Thousif Raza said...

@ shreekanth: thx man :)

@ harshita: i know she is a big relief, just wish someone was there with you too :), miss ya girl, take care

@ sulagna: abt the color color box :P, and thank you so very much for the award i love it :), take care

Thousif Raza said...

@ Qm: thx gain Qm, she is cute isin't she?? ;), take care

@ sheeza: thx sheeza, and welcome to my blog, hope to more of you here, take care

@ Amanda: Taylor swift lives beside you wait till my frenz hear abt this, oh my god, i am so very jealous of you, lucky you ya, take care :)

@ Radio Rocker: Dude that is a cool song loved it really man loved it :), and my fav superhero is spider man so , yee haw :P, take care

AB HOME Interiors said...

If the chance occurs I will get her autograph for you!

Thousif Raza said...

@ Amanda: that would be dream come true for me.... thank you so very much...... take care :)

Tulika said...


Loved it. Good one indeed. :D

Hope to find great things here like I just did.

All the best ! :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Tulika: thx for the comment loved reading it :), take care