The Creative Bug Hits Again ;)

Hey guys hi?, how r u? hope you are all well and good, i guess you might be wondering(Please say yes....) where i was as i dint update last week, well i was little unwell, as i caught a bug going around, but now i am ok and back to spread some smiles, so hurray :P

well today is a very special, because i complete my 5o posts today, and to make that moment even more special i have treat for you.....

I have written a story just for this occasion, so i hope you all read it and enjoy, its a little long, but i promise its worth the journey...

So read it and comment about how good(or bad.... :P) it is, and i will truly feel obliged, and for sure you will be leaving a smile on my face...... thx in advance ;)

Love & Happy Endings ......

“There…. What should I sign this book as?” asked Smriti.
“With lots of love to Farhana Khan…and add happy birthday too…” said Ankitha
Smriti signed the book titled, ‘Love Will Find Its Way’ looking at it brought back past memories, but now they all were like a faint blur, smiling she handed the book back to ankitha.
Ankitha accepted and said “I am a big fan of your books Smiriti ji, when can I expect your new book?”
“Soon, very soon” answered smriti, and saw as ankitha left…

Her look fell on the window, it looked as somebody was watching, and he was acting as though he dint want to be seen, “Another stalker?” she asked herself,
It was just a month before a man named sampath kumar was arrested for stalking her, Smiriti was a successful novelist and a beautiful at that too, Within just a year, she had written herself to fame, literally, it had started out of the blue, she saw just sitting looking at the old photo album of college, when she saw the photo of her college sweet heart Rahul, whom she was in love with at that time, when she had asked him out, He had rejected her saying “I don’t date Behenji’s”, That was the day she had vowed she would never believe in love again.

But that day the photo album had triggered something inside her, and she started writing a story, a love story, where the girl meets the boy and they find their happy ending, one had turned into 10 and she was known as a queen of happy ending stories, even though the story of her life was sad, she found happiness through her stories, but at the core of her heart, she still never believed in love, when fame came towards her they were many who came near her, just as honeybees coming after a flower rich in nectar, including rahul, who had dared to ask her out, “I don’t date assholes” she had barked at him, she still remembered the dumb found look on his face.

She smiled and got up, it had been a stressful day, but she loved these book signing sessions, it was the 3rd this month, she had another book tour coming up, coming from a small town of shimla, Smiriti had come a long way, her parents had died in a plane crash 3 years ago, and she had survived college on a scholarship, at 22 she was proud of what she had made of herself, Now living in a busy city of Bangalore she was alone, with just her aunt and a couple of very close friends to take care of her.

She went to talk with the book owner, saying she was done for the day, when again the guy looked at her through the window, and now there was another man with him now, it looked as though one was desperately trying to ‘not be seen’ while another was talking to him, even though the other seemed least interested in the conversation “what are they doing…?” smriti asked herself, just then shopkeeper handed her handbag, thanking him she went out of the store..

She dint notice the men, she started walking and she saw them following her, “Not another time, that too so soon, my god, what am I a stalker magnet.......?” she smiled at her own question
"Next turn" she told herself "Next turn I am going to confront them, and slap one hard across his face and ask him, why are you following me?" she started walking a little fast, and turned into the next corner, she waited holding her hand up, she heard footsteps and was about to slap the man, when she saw it was a stranger, Embarrassingly she apologized saying “Sorry", the puzzled man looked back at her and muttered something, which sounded like crazy women, smriti turned back towards the road to see the men but she couldn’t find them anywhere, "Did I imagine him....?" she asked herself again, "I am talking with myself way too much today, If somebody heard me..." she bit her tongue and making a stop gesture to herself, she calmly walked home

She was reaching home, when she suddenly saw the "stalker" guy sitting at her footsteps, "Na, it can’t be him, I am imagining things" she told herself, when she saw the guy waving at her, she got puzzled and quickened her steps to see it was really him, she walked towards him, and he came running at her saying "I'm Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry…….."he said,
"You better be..." replied smriti
"Yes I am, from the bottom of my heart" he replied, she opened her mouth to curse him, when he stopped her and said, "Before you curse me or jump to conclusions, listen to me once...."
Smriti dint say anything, "I will take that as a yes…" he replied "My name is Sameer Deshmukh, basically I am from shimla, but for work I am now here in Bangalore,”
“And why are you saying me this?” she questioned
“Because I am your new Neighbor….” he replied, smiriti’s face almost fell open, seeing that he added
“…And I am NOT a stalker” he smiled.
“Then what were you doing there at the book shop with your accomplice?” asked smiriti.
“That was not my accomplice, it was my friend, ok let me explain…., I am a big fan of you novels, even though they are girl material, I love reading them, I have read all you books, and when I got to know I was your neighbor, I just couldn’t believe my luck, so when I heard you were signing books at the book shop I ran to see you, when I reached there I met my friend at the window, and I dint want him to know I read your books, so I got nervous, and was acting all weird, but he figured it out” he answered
“You could have come in the shop….” Replied smriti
“I didn’t want to scare you….” he said
“Well you scared me more with your window act, Do you know I was going to slap you,… and where did you suddenly go after following me, you guys vanished like the wind when I turned in to that corner…”
“Well we figured that we were scaring you a lot more, and my friend reminded me about the stalker incident, so I thought I better meet you here itself, and apologize for the not-stalking act” answered sameer.
Listening to it smriti smiled and said “Well you dint actually scare me, but next time stick to the basic, ‘Can-I-have a cup-of-sugar?’ neighbor introduction, ok….”
“Promise……, so when are you moving from here?” he asked
Puzzled she asked “Why should I move?”
“So that when you move to another place, I can buy a place next to you, and introduce myself just as you told me….” He said smiling..
She smiled and said “No need for so much trouble, it’s all good” and started walking towards her house
Sameer ran in front and stopped her “But I feel bad for what I did, can I make it up to you by taking you to dinner?” he proposed.
“Well I am working on a new book so I can’t sorry” smriti was trying to brush him off
“How about a coffee then, I heard Coffee Day makes the best cappuccino around here” he replied
“Well…..” she pondered.
“Oh do you want me to beg now? Please let me repent for the terrible sin that I have done by not stalking you” he pleaded
Well it’s just a coffee she thought, and said “OK”

They went to the nearby coffee day, and talked about their lives, smirti was casual, very casual with sameer, and she found herself in awe because she had never felt so comfortable with a stranger before, and here she was sharing her life’s experiences with him, sameer was a thorough gentlemen, he listened intently and then told about how he had grown playing sports at state level and completed his MBA and was now working as a human resource officer in Infosys. The coffee turned into coffees after 3 cups each, and what surprised smriti was she hadn’t even liked coffee that much, till now. They both walked home and while saying byes, sameer said “I want to talk about your novels when are you free?”
“I guess Saturday…” she replied
“Ok then meet you after 5 days” said sameer, unlocked the house and went in.
Smriti smiled and was about to go inside her home, when she saw the beggar beside her house, she always took care of him, but hadn’t seen him in a couple of days, he made a gesture saying that he hadn’t eaten for 2 days, she took out a couple of twenty’s and handed it to the beggar, he smiled, she smiled back and opening the door went inside and went to sleep

Days passed and they met daily and waved and smiled at each other but dint talk, but whenever sameer saw smriti, there was a genuine warmth in his smile which smriti loved to watch, she was waiting for Saturday to come,
Saturday came and she was still in the bed when the phone rang,
“Hi you remember about our meeting right?” asked the voice
“Who is this?” questioned smriti
“See you forgot already, its sameer yaar” answered the voice
“How did you get my home number?” she asked puzzled
“Well the post man mistakenly left your phone bill to my home last morning, so….” He answered sheepishly. “I hope this doesn’t count as stalking, because I dint intently look up for your number….” He added
She smiled “I too hope so, Yes we are on for it” she replied
“Good, I will pick you up at 6, I know this new restaurant which serves killer Punjabi food and has a great view of the city, I hope you like Punjabi?” he asked
“If it’s not dripping in oil, then I am ok” she said
“Don’t worry, it will be great you will love it, see ya at 6 then… and the phone bill is under your door” he replied
“Thanks” she said and put down the phone.

After the morning rituals she continued to work on her new novel, it was about how kavitha the central character meets a stranger and falls in love with him, who is actually contract killer, and how she transforms him to leave crime and become better, she was not convinced with the idea, but she loved happy endings, “Though I never have one for me” she said to herself, she saw it was 3 in the evening, working on the novel she had even forgotten to have her lunch, closing the laptop she had her lunch, and while she was watching TV she fell asleep, The passing ambulance siren pierced her ears, and she saw the time was 5.30, remembering she was to be picked up at 6, she quickly showered and got dressed, the clock struck 6 and she was still wearing her sandals when there was knock at the door, “It must be Sameer…” She said and went to open the door.

She was surprised to find a policeman there,
“May I meet Miss Smriti Sharma?” asked the policeman
“You are talking to her” replied Smriti.
The officer face suddenly turned sad “I am sorry ma’am, Mr Sameer has met with an accident, and he is manipal hospital right now, you have to come with me right now” he said
Smriti quickly got into the police car, but at the intersection instead of turning to the airport road where the hospital was present, he turned to majestic, he must be taking a shortcut, she thought….
They reached the place, but it was not the hospital, it was ‘The Bell’ the finest restaurant in city, she was in shock about what was happening, she went in with the policeman, and saw sameer sitting at a corner table, she eagerly questioned him “What is all this?”
“Well you are always surrounded by stalkers and the non stalkers, for that matter, so I thought a police escort would be perfect, so did you like it?” he questioned
She looked at the policeman, he was smiling, she smiled too
Sameer introduced him as prakash, prakash was sameer best buddy, and he had said yes when he had proposed the idea, after a cup of coffee prakash left.
“you were so mean there, why did you have to do that, I was afraid that something might have happened to you, you ass…” snapped Smriti.
“Well I just wanted to point out a element of your novel smriti, because in your novels the girl is always taken well care of, well I thought why not me then…..” he answered
Smriti couldn’t believe she had met this man, he was funny, so full of care and she felt a strange sense of bonding with him, like she had known him from an earlier era, “Am I falling in love? Again?” she asked herself, she smiled at her own question.
He suddenly asked “How come all your heroine’s have happy endings in the novels?
“Well I had not so happy life, my parents died, and the man whom I liked in college turned out to be an ass hole, so I find my happiness through happy endings in my stories” She answered
“Well life is not always a bed of roses, because sometimes you face thorns too, have you ever thought about a sad ending to one of your stories, it could be a instant hit, you know” he suggested
“Yeah it can be, I never thought about it, thanks for the suggestion” she said smiling
“Well glad to be of help, I hope you find your sad ending soon” he smiled and raised the champagne glass; “To a sad ending….” she smiled and joined her glass to his.

After the dinner they got back in taxi towards home, they reached home soon, and after getting down, smriti started towards the house, sameer following her footsteps came in front of her and said, “Can I come inside your house to take a look, as how my favorite author lives?”
“Sure” she said and let him in.

He followed her in and she showed him the hall, the study, and when they were coming in the kitchen, suddenly the light went out, “Oh this power, it always goes out at this time, let me get a candle” smriti answered
“Well we have moon light coming out of the window, it will be romantic” he said and grabbed something behind his back from the kitchen table
“What do you have in mind?” questioned smriti
“Well just a little hugging and kissing” he answered and grabbed smriti and pulled her towards herself, she was puzzled for a moment, but she felt nice in his arms, she raised her lips towards his, sameer seeing it pulled out the kitchen towel he had hidden behind his back and tied it to her mouth tightly so she couldn’t scream.

And with another towel he tied her hands, and pushed her into the corner towards the fridge, her head hit the fridge and she was wounded, blood started oozing out, it all happened so fast that she was in a blur, there were many questions in her head which she wanted answers too, suddenly he looked at her

“You are so confused right now na smriti…., That what is happening how could a guy like me do this to you, well don’t worry bitch don’t worry, you will get the answers, but it’s so sad that you cannot complete your new novel, you know why?, because you won’t be alive to complete it…” he said laughing and picked up a meat knife from the shelf
“You are a perfect example of a bitch, you know that, do you remember sampath kumar, whom you thought had stalked you….. Whom you put him in jail, well he just committed suicide last week, you know why…. Because he couldn’t take the humiliation, he dint actually stalk you, he was so crazy fan of your books, that he fell in love with you, and he just wanted to kiss you… so when he was waiting for his chance that day, you put him in jail, seeing he couldn’t ever meet you again he killed himself with a piece of glass stabbing himself to death” he said almost crying

“I am his brother, and when I heard this news, I was devastated, I put up a plan, and bought this house beside you, it was costly and I had to shell out all my life’s savings, but I dint care, then I made a plan to meet you and take you into trust, I said I will meet you next week, cause I dint wanted you to suspect me, and today I got my chance, blame it on the power department, you were going to live another month, because I wanted to kill you when you least expected, but in the dark when you closed your eyes thinking I would kiss you, I saw my dead brother’s face in you, and anger took over me, I thought why not today?, let’s kill the bitch today itself, and here you are all bound and ready to die, don’t worry, I will kill you slowly so you feel everything, I want you to feel everything my brother felt when he died, I have the perfect plan for your murder, First….. First…. I will heat this knife, then….. Then…. slowly I am going to skin you alive like a animal, so that when the hot knife touches your wounds you scream in agony, then….. Then…… I am going to use this small knife and thrust them into your eyes and pull those out….. because those were the things my brother loved very much so I am going to gift them to him, when I meet him in hell……., You have to promise me to be awake all through it, so that you feel everything, you promise me na smriti….you promise na” saying this he started laughing like a psychotic…….

The fear in smriti’s eyes was like a deer trapped in a tiger’s trap, it was like something she had never felt before in her life, the adrenaline in her veins seemed like it would burst out any second… she looked as sameer started heating the knife… while he was at it, she heard a click and it seemed like the door to the front door open, she looked at it but it seemed like the wind from outside had opened it, sameer too looked at it and quickly went and closed the door, smriti struggled but she couldn’t do anything…. She saw sameer come back and pick up the knife, and slowly he moved towards her and said, “Here comes your sad ending bitch….Enjoy”

He slowly started skinning her arm, when smriti felt the hot knife on her skin, she felt as though she was being burnt, while another was putting chili powder on the burnt wound, it hurt like crazy, sameer started moving the knife towards her fingers, when smiti couldn’t take it any more she fainted..She got a kick to her head just as she was slumping to the ground, “Be awake bitch… I want you awake at every fucking moment when I do this…” saying that he started heating the knife again, smriti’s arms were all burnt up and blood was flowing out like water, “I will not survive this….. I can’t….leave me you animal” she screamed

“2 minutes bitch….. I am coming” replied sameer, there was burnt smell from her blood on the knife, “Here I come’ he announced and came towards her again he was about to skin her other arm, when he felt a powerful blow to the back of his head, he turned back, and the cricket bat hit his face making him faint, smriti couldn’t make out in the dark who was it… he came towards her and opened the towel from her mouth and hands and carried her to her bed, just then power came and she saw it was the beggar who lived beside her house, her hand was bleeding, he asked the ambulance number and dialed on the phone within 10 minutes the ambulance came and took her to the hospital..

She was sitting in the hospital bed, when the police inspector came and asked what had happened, she explained everything, and during the conversation he said, that sameer was good man, but his brother’s dead has made him mentally unstable, he was now in custody and facing multiple charges, saying not to worry any more he left. Smriti looked at her hand and started crying again… Even though she dint believe in love sameer had made him love again, and what had that turned into, she getting killed in her own pool of blood, I will never love again she vowed, but suddenly the beggar’s face came in front of her, he had saved her for the love that she had shown him, by giving him money, maybe love was not all that bad….

She had learned her lesson, that there are not always happy endings in life, sometimes there are sad endings, and one has to be careful every time so that they don’t find one, she looked beside the table and saw her laptop, she opened it and started writing another novel, this time it was her own story which she had just experienced, and even though the whole event was a walk through hell, in the end it was happy ending, because it had given her experience which she could never have had before “Hail happy endings” she said aloud smiling and dug into her laptop…….

I thank you for reading it..... and have a great weekend, take care


ANWESA said...

Amidst my exams,I read this post of yours. Congrats on the 50th post!!Co-incidentally,I'm 100 posts old now. Keep blogging!!!

Now coming to your story...I liked the plot.From Mills and Boons types to Sherlock Holmes. Commendable ! Somehow I tend to sympathise with anti-heroes but not this time. Maybe Sameer didn't impress me too much. Smriti was an out-and-out strong,independent character. Its she who carries the whole story forward. As a story-teller,you have certainly matured. In fact you are fab this time. This time your story has a character with a name is co-incidentally my most favourite guy in the whole world. And the beggar thingie...I wished he wasn't a beggar...He aptly should be the "hero". Sounds bollywood-ish ? Yeah..but then are beggars that good in real life ? I wonder...I'm not a great writer myself but still wrote in here whatever I felt. Hope it'll help you (and me I tend to get silly while writing fiction).

Tulika said...

Congratulations for the half century..!!

Kudos.. Longg way to go.

About the story: Happy ending, sad endings... and here the unexpected ending. Though crime fiction isn't my cup of tea.. still I liked the plot. And the moral of the story is great, Love's not all about romantic love... Great idea.
Keep writing.

Besties..!!! :)

manjiT said...

would u take it as a compliment if i tell u tat it was a shobha de kinda plot.
morals' wonderful.
but gee, writer's thinking is grotesq . (unlike de.)
it didnt seem lengthy as it was moving pretty fast.
btw dont u think u r moving in sidney sheldon direction. a feminist. ur blog's majority post have been that way. n ya,i like female centred plots.
good work to mark the 50th post!

QM said...

Happy 50th post! Still got a long wayyy to go:D

Really nice plot, though I prefer watching movies about crime but great way of indirectly explaining the truth of love(:

Don't worry, I'll be back on Thursday!

Sreeram Shenoy said...

That was a good story with a twist...didnt expect a HR officer from Infy to do that...haha...

Thousif Raza said...

@ Anwesa: thank you, and that was a real close look at the story, and i must say beggars are helpful, we just dont look sometimes, maybe not all, but there definitely are some noble souls out there

@ Tulika: thank you for the wishes, and thank you so much for the appreciation, i am all smiles :)... tc

@ Manjit: well to a certain part you can say that, but not fully, i love woman centre charecters, because we can explaore different directions and prospects, from a woman's life so..... and thx for the appreciation :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Qm: glad to hear you will be back :), thx for the appreciation :), tc

@ Shree ram:thx for puttin a smile on my face and for the appreciation :), take care

Anonymous said...

Congrats about the 50th post :)
May the number of your posts reach millions! :)
My whole-hearted jug-jug-jiyo-aashirwaad for your blog :)
The story is too long for me to read. But, I'll be there as your well wisher always! :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ ramya: thank you for the aaashirwaad... mai toh paawan ho gaya :P...thx again, take care

Disguise said...

Congratulations on the 50th!
Hope this is the first of many more :)
It was a long post, but worth every second that I spent reading it!

Thousif Raza said...

@ Disguise: Thank you for visiting, and for the appreciation.... i am deeply touched :), take care :)

Harshita said...

I really liked the story coz of the last few lines especially. No one else but a beggar brought back her faith in love.

Congrats for your 50 posts..*reminds me I never counted how many I have*

Should go back and check :D :D

Thousif Raza said...

@ Harshita: Thank you for visiting and wishing me as always.... and thank you once again for the lovely words and appreciation :), take care

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Congrats on your 50th post. the story was definatly good with a good and there i felt a few grammatical errors but the story was overall good. yo are definately maturing as a writer.keep writing

radiorocker said...

Good story man... ROck on... liked it!!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ Butterfly Thoughts:grammatical mistakes... that never leaves me, thank you for the comment and appreciation... will definitely look into it... thx take care

@ Radiorocker:thx for visiting back and thx for the appreciation, and thank you for devoting your precious time.... take care