Love to hate it.....

Life, Ah…., just as I say that word it makes me think, what is it?, is it something we love to live, or is it something we live to hate, or is it a combination of both… don’t worry no philosophy is coming from this journalism student(Who doesn’t know banana’s worth of journalism :P), but if I have to say about my life, it has been a roller coaster, literally, I mean I am finding new things everyday, which sometimes bore me cause they are the same things.., but sometimes they surprise me to a extent where I ask a question to myself “Do I really know the REAL ME?” well that exact question was answered a couple of days ago

My shopping friend ‘D’, I guess you have read her exploits earlier, If not read it here and here well I honestly dint believe that a person who doesn’t know what she is gonna do the next moment (except chat on her phone or eat ice cream all day :P), would make me experience my life in such a way that would surprise even me.

Well the 2 instances that you are about to experience now, taught me that sometimes what we hate to do, can turn out to something, we would love to do again.

#1. Last Friday as soon as classes got over, plans were made to watch a film, film in my friend’s circle strictly means only kannada, cause reason one being ‘Good’ English films don’t come very often here, and hindi.. woh toh kisi koh samjh may hi nahi aati (Because it is not understood by any :P) except me and a couple others (and to think these are all Hindustani’s lol :P)

So, we were deciding upon the film, when I asked “Which is the film?”

All (A group of ten) replied, “When you get to the theater you will know….”

I knew I was in trouble, I guessed either it would be a cry baby film, or a chick flick(both are same right? :P), but I heard my mind say “Dude you have no idea….” And it smiled an evil grin.

My mind usually doesn’t interfere, but I know whenever it does, it will be a experience which I would remember my whole life, just like when it had spoke on 2 previous occasions, and both the times it had got me stitches, one on my chin and another in the back of my head ;).

We got to the theater when I finally got the surprise, that the film was ‘Arya-2’

Don’t let the horses of your brain run afar, it is a telegu film (yeah, they are making sequels in regional films too nowadays :P).

I backed out my hands that instant saying I was not coming, as I dint understand one word of telegu, They said you have too… when my mind suddenly interrupted “Friendship can make you do many crazy things, like drinking tequila and throwing up in a disco or jumping out of an airplane without parachute… what’s this… dare boy dare….”

I hit my head and retorted back saying “I can’t, I don’t know a word in that language, it would be like watching a Chinese movie without subtitles, spare me, I hate telegu films”

I begged and cried (with fake tears of course :P), but to no avail, they literally were dragging me into the theater, I was a holding a lamp post just like a dog hugging to its bone , when suddenly ‘D’ came to me and said in a threatening tone “Listen….I am crazy (No doubt there, I said to myself :P) , I mean ccccaaaarrrrrraaaazzzyyyyyy fan of the film’s hero….. allu arjun, even I don’t know telegu(surprise, surprise), still I love to watch him, but I am not going in there without all of my friends, so don’t act crazy, and get your ass in there, or else I will never talk to again” same threat followed with all the others

I was in full surprise, because, barring 2, none in our group knew telegu, I was wondering why are they all so excited to see the film?, but when I looked at ‘D’ smiling I knew… she being a crazy fan of the hero had convinced all that it is a superb film, and as she is THE moodiest person on earth…, all had succumbed…

I said ok, but I got the real shocker when I got to know the ticket fare, “Shell out 170 bucks” she said, I silently gave her the money,

“Extortion, that’s what it is” I cried after her…

“What?” she replied turning back

“Nothing, damn mosquitoes…” I said waving my hands, at that time my mind was laughing like the joker in the film dark knight “170 bucks for a movie which you will not understand a single word… Muhuhaha… one more addition to the ‘most-stupid-thing-ever-done’ list”

I hit my head and said “Be Silent…..” Couple of girls gave me a weird look, smiling nervously at them, I went inside.

Ah the movie…….it was………….. Hell, I mean, the songs were good, I guessed I could understand even chinese to some extent, but not this, and the only image that was flashing in my mind was of a Sikkim girl who studies in our class, because classes are usually done in kannada, and at that moment I knew how her suffering would be everyday, My mind dint leave me here too, it began “Your reputation of ‘No1 Kanjoos’ was ripped to shreds today…. Congrats… but don’t worry, look...The heroine is cute... Maybe she will say ‘I love you thousif’, but you will never know.. Muhuhaha”

I hit my head again, I had a headache and I dint knew, was it due to the film or due to me hitting my head, “Awesome film na?” asked ‘D’ in the interval, I showed her a thumbs up sign with a smile (fake one of course), and took in the grueling second half, everyone was laughing at the jokes except me…

Finally the film ended and I ran outside the theater and waited for others… It was my turn to threaten “Everyone of you are coming to 3 idiots when it comes out….anybody backing out … I won’t talk to anyone” (No we are not 2nd grade children, but honestly we are people studying our masters :P)

All gave me big smiles and said “Sure”, and the biggest smile was of ‘D’

Suddenly I dint feel so angry on anyone, but happiness engulfed me from inside as I saw them smiling towards me,

#2…… Monday… I came to class, looking at me the group said “We are bunking class, and going to an engagement of our senior’s sister in a village some 150 Kms away”,

“But you know na yaar, I hate travelling…” I said

“Nothing doing, get your ass in gear, we have a train to catch” they said pulling me out of the class and we went.

‘D’ was on the train before anyone, all dressed up, “Hi.. you came?... I am surprised” she said

“Yeah me too” I replied

We reached the place, my ass aching due to the journey and I got another surprise when I learned that we have to go in a goods carrier auto to the place, so we went…. seniors and juniors all including a group of 16 in an auto(If you think how we fit in, don’t ask…), humps were pounding my ass like hammers but as I was going, I saw the lush greenery of the fields which is nowhere in a city, the sun silently smiling from above, the fresh air purifying my lungs, and the screaming by all like monkeys gone wild, I said to myself this is not half bad, but only when I got to the place did I find the real surprise…

The senior called everyone into the home, and we sat beside 200 tons of tobacco (They are agriculturists) and kids playing beside, but it took my breath away when I saw the house layout, Even though the hall was small, the woodwork of the ceiling was like rainbow painted across the sky, and it was so cool in the house even in the boiling sun outside, I mean I have had perspiration even in an AC room in Mysore (sure I had an exam that day :P).

The engagement took place and I saw the whole village had come to participate, there were traditional pujas, music, and it seemed like the whole village was celebrating some sort of festival, we had lunch and when we were to leave, when the senior came to us and said:

“Thank you all for coming, I am so very happy that you all came” she said specifically pointing at me, and gave us the biggest smile I have ever seen, sure the ride back included 13 people crammed in an Omni car (my legs and ass still hurt..), but the experience was invaluable, as I saw the things I never knew existed, and got to see the smile which I could have never seen in my entire life :).

These 2 things that I hated to do till that day taught me one very important thing, that sometimes, what you hate to do, if it brings a smile onto your friends face, I guess one should do it, cause we would not lose anything as we already hate to do it, but if we do the same, the happiness and smile that comes on to your friends face is worth it for every second that it lasts, I mean it’s absolutely worth it…

And, a merry Christmas to everyone of you, may god's blessing be always on you, and may you have a fabulous new year, I thank all my readers for being there for me all this year, and i look forward for your 'divine' presence next year you all :)

Till next time, keep smiling and make your friends smile too…. Take care. :)


ANWESA said...

Allu Arjun-son of Allu Arvind--Producer of Ghajini(Aamir-Asin starrer).

Friends ke liye kuch bhi karegaa :)

Now I know why you were so eager to watch 3i :P :D

Tulika said...


Kool post.

And yes..there you mentioned a bit of countryside. I love the feel of it. Just amazing.

Loved this one.

Do Watch 3 Idiots. ;)

QM said...

hahaha! You made me laugh at the movie theater & the cramp you had to go through

but I guess when you make others happy, you kinda gain from there too(:

Merry Christmas to you too!

Shanu said...


I had to go thru the same thing wen my frnds insisted on watchin Sivaji and I cldnt understnd a wrd of wat was goin on the screen

Yup..u have to make a lot of sacrifices in frndshp my frnd!

Anonymous said...

yeps you are right many a times we feel too low before too funny an event..
you narrated the whole thing very coolly..

Thousif Raza said...

@ Anwesa: hey i dint knew that.... boy will D be happy to listen to it.. and yes frenz hai toh jahaan hai ji :)

@ Tulika: yeah its the same for me too... loved that you loved it :), take care

@ Qm: gald you liked it, wishes to you to :), take care

Thousif Raza said...

@ Shanu: hey shanu same pinch...welcome to my blog.... hope to c more of you here.. and the sacrifices are worth it in the end for that smile ya, na??. take care

@ RSV:welcome back, and thank you very much, may you too have such an experience buddy ;)

Arpitha Holla said...

a very long and a superb post..loved reading it..:)

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpitha: you are back.... i am soooo happy... thc for the comment :), you made my day really :) take care

Ashley said...

"allu arjun"??? ROFL!!!
You seem to be a good friend Thousif and "D" will be so happy if she were to ever see this mention on this blog.
Stumbled over here from someplace..Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a wonderful New Year! :)

Heavenly Muse said...

title is very your words are light and refreshing like ever.(though i couldnt figure out anything specific to comment upon ;-))...but it made me smile at certain places...
well dear happy new year
wish u a veryyyy charming year ahead....

Thousif Raza said...

@ ashley: thank you thank you... welcome here and hope to see more of you... take care

@ heavenly muse: thank you to you too bhai... wish the same and more of god's blessing ;) to you tooo, take care

Butterfly Thoughts said...

hahahha:-)i loved this post:-) i hope you have enjoyed. i also visited hyd once and had been to the planetarium with my friends and listened to the telugu version. didnt understand anything but the compnay matterd.friends are fun and you can have more fun with them.

Thousif Raza said...

@ butterfly thoughts: exactly and thank you very much, have a mast new year ahead, take care :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Nice Post.
Loved every part of it.

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpit: thx aagain :)