Transition towwards hope

First of all thank you so much for the support you guys gave me in the last post, i was so so so happy to see your guys comments, it was the highlight of my holidays this year :)... EVIL M too sends his regards, i think he cried a lil bit :P
(EVIL M: that's a lie, it was you remember)
anyways he wont admit it :)

I'm thinking about writing some serious stuff(It'll come soon), so dint write anything from the past two weeks, but i want to share something with you guys...

When i broke up with my girlfriend, something happened inside of me, it was like a feeling i can never put in words, it was a hard time getting over her, still not am....

But during that period of time when i broke up.... the poet inside of me, wanted to talk, i know it sounds funny, but the way those emotions came out I'm surprised myself.... so i just wanted to share this poem with you...

In the infinities of beyond, I lay unabashed
Believing in a worth no other man believed.
In this permanence of solitude, i found this self,
Resonating me, but none like any

In search of respite, i travel along unfollowed paths,
Where every step taken forward, pulls me back
towards a halo which i once loved to live in

Now that cloud of comfort, has rained, nothing left
it floats away
i look towards the sun for a new beginning. Still,
in love with the yesterday's sunset

You might find it funny when i say this, i am the one who wrote that poem, but couple of lines in that poem i've never been able to decode.. but i want to find out, what it says, what made me write those lines,... i wanna know, so if you guys come up with something, it would be a great help for me.... :)

well thats for today... i'll be back next week :).... have an eventful week ahead :)... take care


ANWESA said...

A good poem.

Loved the theme.

**pulls me back
towards a halo which i once loved to live in

The word "halo" could be replaced by "hollow". Just a suggestion !

Take care and be good !

Harshita said...

damn! u broke up??...where the F was me?? :(

Hugs!! sorry yaar...

Remya said...

That was awesaaaaaam.
Wtf/.Sorry fr saying this, bt u shud break up wid ur girlfriends more often :P
I'm sorry fr u, i truly really hope u got over it..
But that poem, my friend, was SOMETHING. Something amazing.
And u know what?..The mystery behind those lines adds the beauty to tht poem..I'll mail u regarding what I could figure out frm those mysterious expressions..Take care :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: its halo itself mehek, coz when i wa siwth her,, it was being inside a covered with love and care, so :)

@ Harshita: you came at the rgt time :) *hugz back* thx fell much better now :)

@ Remya: thank you, thank you, and thank you some more :) tc

Destiny's child... said...

So love actually brings out the poet in you...Now may be we should look at the brighter side, heart break kindles the poet in you! keep smiling :)

And lovely poem that one...somewhat of a self discovery :)

Charu said...

A beautiful poem. Absolutely wonderful. Loved every line. Whether you wrote it in heartbreak or happiness, it's a work of art.

I won't say how I interpreted it, for the simple reason that I want to hear yours first. An interpretation is something you find for yourself. And until you find yours, take care and please, please keep writing!

Arpit Rastogi said...


ye ho kya raha hai..
By GOD.. everything is so fucked up yar.. :|

n your poem is good.. dint get the whole meaning though but can feel the pain.. :(


viddhi said...

touched ....i can relate to it .... i am also "suffering" from this break-up thingy
i can feel the pain .. :( *sob sob*

Thousif Raza said...

@ destiny's child: yeah...kinda does... and self realisation it is ma'am :), tc

@ charu: your comments always life my spirits high....i'm glad and happy everytime i see your comment :, thank you so very much :)

@ arpit: tell me about it!!! well for heartbreaks i always move to comedy films...rgt now watching she's out of my league... damn that too has one!... thx for being the pal :)

@ vidd: seems like an epidemic... all are into heartbreaks... i feel for you yaar :(, take care

nil said...

I'm sorry about the breakup,
but hey that poem was brilliant. Seriously, you need to keep writing :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ nil: thx nil, great to see you here... take care :)

Tulika said...

**in love with the yesterday's sunset.

I loved this verse.

Sad after reading what made the poet you come out.
Anyways, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lines Thousif.
And I agree. Sometimes, certain things in our writing, can surprise us. I have always felt that. So was a little pleasantly shocked when you said so, in this post. I think it just means that you wrote it with your heart. As for the part that you could not decode.... It may become clearer with time. :)

ps: Surround yourself with happy thoughts and upbeat people. *Hugs*

Vivarjitha said...

lovely poem...sry i m late!!!

Haddock said...

some nice pics.

Thousif Raza said...

@ tulika: glad you liked it :), tc

@ choco: you are the best with your always choclaty words :), tc

@ viv: no prob... alweays good to see here. and thx :)

@ haddock: errr... thx???? :P

Sh@s said...

Lovely poem.
Pain does manage to turn us into budding poets :)
Enjoy ur creativity and love n life both will smile at u soon :)
Take care!

buckingfastard said... break up...and brings out a great hidden poet inside u...find out ur hidden talents...

well being single once in a while is enjoy it!! :)

Heavenly Muse said...

so the the broken heart is the most fertile space where you can cultivate YOUR sadness and grow numerous words for catharsis.

Meety said...

Stumbled into this blog from another one.. lovely poem!!! and sorry bout your break up

Aparna said...


beautiful lines...very meaningful


see you in blogger's meet...although haven't made up my mind about being present there

suruchi said...

that's a beautiful poem n such an earnest expression saying that you could not decode some of your own lines...
that's so simple n honest...

first time here n hope to be around reading more of such depth...for a change coming from a man:-)

Adithya said...

hey lemme first start off by saying thanks for posting a comment on my blog! for a while i was thinking my blog is invisiblle! anyways i am sorry for your loss...shit happens...thats life...i know it hurts but what the pain no gain rt?? i wont say the whole cliched you will find someone better shit but over a period of time the pain will recede but will never go away completely if you felt she really was the one...

but yeah sure does bring the creativity out doesnt it...nice poem...maybe u could make money out of it by selling it to a rock band what say :P that way it wont hurt that much

ok i gtg now...will explore more of ur blog next time i am around

take strong