i am back.. well sort of...

So i've got exams, that is like from 2 days from now.... so i wanna write many many(boring) new things but because i am so busy doing(lazy) things... i'll just stick to posting this poem which i wrote like a month ago... i just got up in the morning one day, took my pen and paper and started writing this poem, one my classmates said, its my best work till date :D, i was so happy... so here i present to you...

The Glories We Conquer

In the wake of the red mist, i open my eyes to see a flood
A flood of friends and foes scattered horrendously welcoming me. Lifeless

A second ago dying to open my eyes
Now only wishing if i were blind
A second ago what was filled with life
All now a proof of nightmares, A nightmare called death

The earth which smiled of a lively green
now only screams in the color of agony
The earth with a promise of warm sunshine
Now spews out a cold stench, reeking of bitterness and hatred

Perplexed, helpless, shocked i see
A sight which was never meant to be
The plants which once seeked water to flourish
Grow now with a taste of someone's life

A slow calm voice rises in my head
My mother teaching me when i was young

Every other man is your brother
I now in the distance see one, taking the life of another

Gathering the strength left in my arms, i stand up to a view of devastation
A moment of history made yesterday
A history no one will ever be proud of

I take a step forward and crush it into a stranger's eyes
The eyes which had dreamed of a son, growing now in his wife's womb
A son who will never see the shine
The shine of his father's green eyes

With another, i step onto a man's hands, breaking them. Forever
Hands which carried his daughter to school everyday, while he was home

Just like that i walk on,
from a warm place, where i took an oath to save every life,
to this wet place now, crushing and destroying dreams and memories

what starts as a walk, turns into a run. A run for my life

Falling into someone's arms which held life once,
to another's who always thought hatred was the answer
I cry now, breathing hard, cause i cant walk but crawl

So i crawl now, exhausted. My strength slipping down a stream of tears
Every movement i make, dragging me into a stench
A stench which seeps deep into my skin
Never to be washed of again

Crying, screaming and with utter despair
I reach the end of the sight
A sight no human should ever see

My mother waits for me in my distant home
Where she has promised me porridge, If i return home safe
Safe. A word me neither the world will ever believe in

Unwillingly and with an herculean attempt i pull myself up
to walk towards a will of mine, to live
A voice inside asking me just one question.................. "for what?"

Well, i know its a lil emotional, but don't be too sad cause i will be back to make u laugh sooooon... wish me that my exams go well, cause i haven't studied much(Read:Zilch :P) so... cya all soon. have a nice month ahead take care :)

P.S: This is my 75th post :D......sho happy :)


Charu said...

That poem is

The topic of a battlefield is an old one, but it's also eternal. Humanity shouldn't forget the consequences of their violence and how it can impact the smallest things in their life, especially the ones they take for granted.

Congratulations on writing such a deep poem. You should definitely keep writing.

And right about now, I'm going to stop myself from acting too emotional and say "Wish you best of luck for your exams"

Oh, and also congrats on the 75th post :)

viddhi said...

thousifff......this soo sooo amazingly fantabulously good....

amazing ...

amazing ...


and yess...congrats for ur 75th post..

keep blogging take care !

suruchi said...

absolutely brilliant piece of work..heart rendering n sooooooooooo moving...
my god...can someone who gives exams actually be so profound?
throughlyyyyyy impressed*not that i wasn't before...but just a little more thorough now;-)*

all the best...if u do as well is writing ur subject as u do with poetry...u'll rock:-)

Anwesa said...

A post loaded with emotions. Reminded me of deadly bloodbaths India had in the name of religion during Partition 1947.

Also reminded me of my 75th post :D
Keep blogging ! And do well in exams (even though you studied zilch) :P

Vyazz said...

I never knew that there was a budding poet in you!!!
Poetry is one thing I could never muster.
Loved your poem, you ought to write more.
Hope your exams come to a speedy end, so u can regale us with more of your writing!!!
All the very best!!!! :))

Heavenly Muse said...

even despite the pressure of exams you produced such thoughts...

Tulika said...

Strong. In detail. I can picture the agonies and dilemmas here. It reminds me of a long forgotten verse. It's for the good I think.

Great work !

Vivarjitha said...

it's awesome......gr8....have fun and yeah congrats on the 75th post:-)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Thats a really nice one bro.. way to go with your 75th post.. congos.. :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

sale. samajh me aa gyi thi but commented in a hurry...

Your poem is really very moving...
I liked the flow of poem.. This sure is the one of your bests.. :)

A slow calm voice rises in my head,
My mother teaching me when i was young..
Every other man is your brother I now in the distance see one, taking the life of another

These lines touched my heart to the core..

Liked it like anything man..

i wish you luck with your exams..

Keep Writing. Keep Smiling. :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Charu: thank you for the wishes, i guess they worked for atleast one of the exmas because the other 2 were very tough :P... and thanx again :), i loved writing that poem and reading it when completed :)

@ viddhi: than u you thank you thank you some more :)

@ suruchi: ur comments as always are the sweetest :), sweetest thank you and yes i am immensely proud of that poem :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ anwesa: yeah exams ki tho bath:P hi chodo :P, they are gone and i am happy lets concentrate on that :P, and yeah war is really bad, glad i wrote something which shows that how horrific it is and should be avoided at all costs

@ vyaz: thank you thank you and thank you some more ;)

@ heavenly muse: well this wasn't written exactly during the studies, tis was mostly written before and that itself is more of an achievement, because in my free time, i'm mostly snoring, or eating cheeoritos :P, so it is a great achievement :P

@ tulika: seeing you after a long time :), it was nice to see u back :)... and thax :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ viv: thax viv, you too :)

@ arpit: i love those lines too, you dont wanna know where i was 'sitting' :P when i wrote those lines :P, he he and yeah man i love this poem very very much :), thax for the appreciation bahi :) take acre, and thx for the detailed comment too :P he he

Arpit Rastogi said...

abey.. teri 75th post par mera detailed comment to banta tha.. :)
Thank you bol ke rulayega kya.. ;P

chal re.. keep pouring us with more.. :D

bye, Take Care!

The Fallen Poet said...

its not a poem...its a reminded me of a dialogue from some movie...that "No one knows the importance and Value of peace more than a soldier" ....superbly done....just some punctuation rules...which i too learnt the hard way...and it'll be just still is :D very well penned