Book Review: 'The Bestseller She Wrote' by Ravi Subramanian

Indian authors have always been a topic of hot debate. Readers love to hate them and yet their sales speak a different truth all together. Keeping this an underlying subtext, Ravi Subramanian begins his latest thriller cum romance drama ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’. I started reading the book like almost every book reader does - judging a book by its cover. It’s beautiful, elegant and invites you in to delve into the story.

We begin with Aditya Kapoor - a banker with a very successful career as the Director of Branch Banking of National Bank, who is also a bestselling author of 4 thrillers. You can’t help but make a comparison with the author who is also a banker and a bestselling author of 4 novels. This alluring start to the novel gives a feeling of a true story being told as you constantly keep questioning yourself, maybe this fact is true from the author’ life or that one or this one. I liked this as it kept me guessing about the facts spread throughout the book.

Moving to the premise, we meet the 2 key protagonists to the story in the first few pages of the book. One is Aditya, the other is the smart, eccentric and bold Shreya Kaushik - a management graduate from IIM Bengaluru.
Their story begins with a heated debate and then we see the wildly successful author get smitten by the young and wildly ambitious Shreya.

Even though Aditya is married to Maya, a saint of a woman who left her promising career to boost Aditya’s, and has a kid, it doesn’t bother him to enter into an adulterous relationship with Shreya. As you keep reading, you slowly see Shreya’s real character coming out. We then get to know what Shreya is really capable of and Aditya realizing the real impact of his decisions.

What follows is a series of events straight out of Aditya’s nightmare as he starts to lose everything that he has so carefully built over the years. I liked the climax as to how it all came together, but was disappointed by a few character quirks and too much story being told in the end.
The book has an interesting start, but throughout the novel there are some chapters that have no overall impact on the story. I strictly believe that every line written in a story should affect it in one way or another. But in the book you read some stuff that’s just there for the sake of being there. This treatment to the story tends to reduce the overall immersion into the book.

However, I liked the pace along with a couple of interesting characters that include Aditya’s wife Maya and his close friend Sanjay.

After having read only one book by the author - The Bankster - I have to say, this was a better read in regard with story and character.

You can pick it up if you need a quick read and like romantic drama with a backdrop of a thriller.
I wanted to rate the book 4 starts but will take half a point away as there were some really badly written lines like ‘Then why is your face looking like a roasted brinjal?’

Rating: 3.5 stars.

Book Details:
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Genre: Fiction; Romance; Thriller.
Publisher: Westland
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 392

ISBN-13: 978-9385152382 , ISBN-10: 9385152386

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