Drive, Design and Connect - My Bangalore

Living in Madikeri, a small hill station nestled in the heart of Kodagu district in Karnataka, I used to always hear the stories and vivid tales my friends and relatives used to share about Bangalore.  

“Oh, you have to experience the street food of Bangalore”

“The parties never end in Bangalore”

“There is a spirit of excitement that runs within the city”

Each statement like this made me imagine a Bangalore that was spectacular; that was a mystery; a place where there would be freedom; joy; and endless possibilities. And that is what made me choose it as a destination where I would begin my career.

Design: The first few days when I came to the city, I was awed by the sheer number of vehicles here. Everywhere I looked I would see people zip around the roads screaming and yelling; sometimes for good; sometimes for bad. But no matter where I went, the city was designed in such a way that I never felt like I would get lost. Everywhere I went; the places I shopped; where I lived; where I worked; they all felt like they were meticulously planned; designed to thrive. Every new road I ventured to was like a mystery I unraveled. I never felt alone.

Drive: The most impactful thing about Bangalore is the people that live here. Everyone here is driven by a sense of purpose. Their determination and passion towards the things they love seeps into you. Every time you interact with people like these you can’t stop but share their excitement. The city known as the Silicon Valley of India is like a shining star of achievement and purpose. You see 1000’s of startups everyday driven by a will to change things for the better. You see people come together from different parts of the nation and different parts of life to create something so creative and so amazing that you feel proud to be part of the city that has delivered such a change. You feel driven by such a change.

Connect: One of the things that have always attracted me to the Bangalore is the way you can connect with one another. The infrastructure and internet… oh the internet. Being a dial up kid of the 90’s and getting to experience the connectivity of Broadband and experiencing speeds of up to 100 MBPS is like living a dream. I am amazed at how we can connect to anyone from around the world in just seconds. With the power to connect to anyone, anytime, I am now able to talk, create content and work in such a manner that was previously impossible. The city has changed way we connect with each other.

This city has taught me to be brave. This city has helped me discover a new me; the real me. This city has made all my dreams come true. I love you Bangalore. With all my heart and soul, I love you.  

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