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Here I am this is me, there is no where else on earth I rather be, I think bryan adams sang it, damn everybody is a stealer nowadays well I forgive him, I am a good person you see ;),

Bad joke eh? i know...,well here I am at last. I know I am late but I have got perfectly valid reasons for that (I hope so), more on that later, but here is some good news, yours truly has now completed his degree and is now a Bachelor in Business Management with a a staggering 67% I know its not much (blame me blame me) but mangalore university is one tough nut when it comes to giving marks to students, so if you now have any business to manage or take care of, you know who to turn to right???, well I am happy how things have turned out and I am onto following my dream, that is doing Masters in Journalism. and guess what its my 25th post so let the fire crackers begin :)

Now for the reasons why I was late, its because my very awesome name THOUSIF RAZA M.B was misspelt as THOSIF RAZA M.B in my marks cards, there was a U missing. so I took a U turn and have traveled almost 700 kms in a span of 4 days for its correction, its still in process of getting right, but it will be, so don't you guys worry ;), and the other reason was, that my (*Ahem*) editor (Read: Cousin Brother) was busy with some work of his, at last I had to do most of it, so the creative process got delayed.

And now for the best news, the creative process I said I was involved in was that I have written a story, not a big deal I know, but it is, cause it is the 1st story that I have written (completely), and also the story was born in a very unique way,

lemme tell you how, I had read probably the best short story that I have read in a long time in my friend anwesa's blog called Unknown Horizons, the story was so good that I was inspired to write one myself, so Anwesa you were the original motivation for this story, thank you very very much for being my inspiration, without your presence this story would never have been written.

Now about the story: The story is in 5 parts which will be posted daily, so check in everyday, I know its a little big, but I promise you, it is worth your every second, so read it fully and comment on it, don't be all soft and warm hearted (be a little though ;)), cause this is the 1st time I have written a (complete) story, but be honest and point out a mistake, if you find one, cause your comments are like the steroids which will make my writing stronger, so here it comes, enjoy your feast guys

The Pain Of Satisfaction

Dedicated to my Mom and Dad

And specially to the inspiration herself



To Rizwan Shareef, for bearing with me for the thousands of questions I asked him and for his precise editing, Bhaiya without you, this story would never have been completed. Thank you


As the clock struck 6.30, Farhana ran like the wind, to grab the radio from her grandmother, her favorite program, ‘Bharatiya Bharatanatyam’ on vividh bharathi was about to begin, she grabbed the ghungroos from the wall and quickly wrapped it across her ankles, as the voice in the radio came alive, she started to dance, the whole family joined in to see her, As beautiful and graceful as she was, it was even more than that when one watched her dance, it was so mesmerizing that the person forgot everything and would find bliss just by watching her, as she danced she was lost in the pleasure and for half an hour she did not stop till the program got over, she fell to the floor, fully exhausted but smiling, she got up and her family applauded like they always did, and like every time, her grandmother nazneen had a tear in her eye, farhana stepped forward and wiped her grandma’s tears, then silently kept her head in Nazneen’s lap, looking into farhana’s eyes nazneen said, “I am proud of you farha, very proud”, farhana just closed her eyes, smiled and slipped back into memories of how it all began………

8 months back when she passed 10+2, her dad Abdul Razzak gave her a radio; it was an unusual gift because, when you are living in Pakistan, there are some rules which you just cannot break and that too in Taliban, buying entertainment things is strictly forbidden, farhana was very happy because she had been asking it for an eternity, she turned it on, and the voice she heard first was of bharatanatyam, she was immediately hooked and wanted to learn more about it, she had heard in class that the Internet can provide anything and as she could use computers quite well, she secretly started visiting her neighbor’s house, cause they had a laptop with Internet, while chatting she befriended Ankita, a professional Bharatanatyam dancer from India,.

Ankita had her own dance school which gave programs all over the world, she taught farhana everything about the dance, learning from her farhana started practicing everyday after school in her bathroom, so that no one could hear the noise, and owing to more help from Ankita, she corrected her mistakes and improved herself, no one in her home knew what she was up to, If there was a sound, she said “it’s just a mouse Ammi”, “Book Fell down Ammi”, and made a new reason every time, in the span of the time that went by, farhana started dancing so good that she could beat anyone, the day of her Birthday came, when she returned home after school there was no one, She inquired with the neighbor’s, they said, “All have gone for shopping, but have given the key”, she took the key and went home and was about to put her back pack down, when there was a knock on the door,

She opened the door, it was the postman, he had a courier, after confirming the address, farhana took it to see the sender’s address, it was from ankita. She quickly opened it and what she saw inside the box gave her the most pleasure ever, the box contained a pair of ghungroos, she tried them on and closing the bathroom door, she started to dance, it was like music coming alive, the rhythm, and the charisma was heavenly. She removed them and quickly getting fresh, patiently waited for everyone to return, an hour later everybody returned and gave her the gifts of the birthday. she received every gift gleefully and in the end said “I have surprise for you”, everyone had the surprised look in the eyes, her mom Rumana asked “what’s it farha?” she said “just wait, and watch”,

She wore the ghungroos, played the music from the laptop she had borrowed and started dancing, everyone i.e. her mom, her dad and grandmother was spell bound looking at her, no one was speaking, after finishing she thought a plethora of scolding would follow her, but to her surprise there was just the sound of applause, she fearfully asked her dad “ are you angry?” Razzak, who was serious till that moment, just looked at her and a smile broke out of his lips. he said, “what should I be angry for?” and then farhana knew, that she had achieved her goal, she was the best at what she did, even though none of them knew what type of dance it was, they found out about it all by farhana and now ankita was also like a family member, as they all started to chat with her daily. And here she was now on her grandma’s lap, Ah it all seemed like a beautiful dream, which she never wanted to get up from…….

to be continued...........


ANWESA said...

Congrats on completion of ur grads n 25 posts too!!
Hope ur mark card is set right soon..n u fulfill ur drms of life..
now the big one...
i was overwhelmed to see the story n u acknowledging me 4 it...i had written "Unknown Horizons" as an anniversary celebration feature.i'm too happy that it could inspire you.
**comments on the story**
the story started on an ordinary note and i thot it was just another attempt.but u proved me wrong too soon.the lines--
**when you are living in pakistan...

shook me.the rest of the story was all about the extraordinary strength of human spirit.i loved the theme,ideas and settings totally.maybe you can improve your art of narration,i.e.,chooosing the right words,etc,but it will come with the feelings.dun worry...
i'm waiting for the next parts..
n i loved this 1st part totally :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Thousif....For both your grads and your 25th Postiversary! :)
I loved your story....Am feeling a little scared for the girl though....Will just have to wait for the next part now :)

Anonymous said...

congrats :-)
and like the story.. will be waiting for the next part :-)

Keshi said...

whoaaa congrattz mate! Thats quite an achievement. Welldone! MBA n all :)

ANWESA is a prolific writer. Im glad u found inspiration through her.

And happy 25th post too! :)


AB HOME Interiors said...

I cant believe they misspelled your name! Congrats on your 25th and the MBA. That is an incredible achievement!! Love the start of the story looking forward to the next post....

Chriz said...

happy 25

what happened to the report card?

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Anwesa: thank you thank you, and thank you again, you know anwesa, some people are so special they make others life beautiful, you are among those

comments are duly noted, will be corrected in the next story i write :)

glad that you liked it,take care

@ Choco: Thank you very much, 2nd part is all yours

@ Ramya: Thank you.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ keshi: hey i dint complete my MBA yaar, just BBM, lol ;), but thx none the less,
i know i know she is the best there is at storywriting...... :)

@ Amanda: you too same mistake, its just my bachelor degree, not my masters, i am doing masters in journalism this year, but thx again, and thank you for the appreciation

@ Chriz: thank you yaar, but no comments on the story why dint read kya? hmm anyways, the name got mispelt thatsit, nothing much, take care

Butterfly Thoughts said...

nice story.well narrated. waiting for the 2nd part:-) Sorry cudnt catch up with your earlier posts but definately read them..and ya congrats for your graduation:-)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ butterfly thoughts: hey good to see you back yaar, hmm thx thx goe red the 2nd part quick, ;) take care c ya

pawan said...

Thousif your story is an interesting read, but it has glitches. I didn't understand one part, how did ANkita coach Farhana Bharatnatyam over the net? You were not very clear with it, and as you know it Bharatanatyam is one of the most toughest dance forms around and hence learning over the net is a bit trivial. Make an edit there, tell that she sent videos via you tube or stuff like that.

Apart from that, a lucid post!

Sorry for the disappearence over the days. I have been really busy and lost to check out your blog!

I am back again and will be regular!

Keshi said...

o BBA lol ok! its all great work :)


Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ pawan: Good note there pawan, i told my brother this, but he said when you chat, there is always video chat, so its understood, well thx for the pointing out of mistake, its duly noted

@ keshi: thanx again :D, tc

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

congratulations on completion of your degree..and hey i hope that spelling correction gets done soon..
will be back to read the story.. wish to read all five parts in one go.. god bless!


Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ kajal: you are the chweetest, the spelling correction is almost done, and thx a ton for the heartfelt wishes, hmm your wish has come true the last part of the story is up. take car5e