The Pain Of Satisfaction - Part 3

Part 3

There were sounds of people talking, she looked around to notice that she was in a hospital, she tried to get up but her head felt like it was being hit by hammers, when she thought back what had happened, tears welled up in her eyes, there was a bomb explosion within her house, which was so powerful that it had also completely destroyed the 2 neighboring houses, she dint have any relatives, she dint know what to do, her mind couldn't think of a single person who she could rely on. but it was not that which haunted her, it was the reason why her house was bombed? was it because of yesterday? she dint knew, the headache started to become worse, she looked beside to find some aspirins and gulped it down, couple of minutes passed and she felt better, all the thinking she had done till now had made one thing certain, that now she was on her own now, she couldn't trust anyone.

Calmly collecting herself she go up from the bed, she was in hospital clothes, those always made her nauseas, she looked around, her clothes which she wore, were beside the table, she quickly changed into them, and then went towards the door. she saw a policeman asleep and couple of army personnel just beside the door talking, she was about to step out, when she saw the officer who had slapped her, his one eye was bandaged. and it seemed like he was coming towards her room, quickly closing the door, she ran to the bed and slept like she never got up, slightly seeing from the blanket, she saw towards the door, the officer slightly opened the door to find her asleep and then woke the policeman, farhana seeing this moved towards the door and when she heard what he said, she froze for an instant, the officer was saying "i planted that bomb so that there would be no evidence, and now special force is stationed here, i cant do anything, but you can, i will distract them some time later, so seeking an opportunity in the night kill her, and when no one's around, dump her somewhere OK",

Truth hit her hard, all the pieces of the puzzle fell back in its place, it was the officer who had bombed her house, he was taking revenge on her, she started feeling nauseous again, it felt like she was thrown to a place of pain and suffering with no way out, she just had one objective now, to save her life, she checked the room and saw a window beside, she looked out to find the ground was 2 floors below, but just beside there were couple of sand bags, farhana thought " if i time my jump right, i will land safely", she stepped on the window and made the jump, but her leg got stuck on the windowpane on the way down and she landed abruptly, injuring her knee, it hurt bad when she tried to walk, it was more like limping, she walked slowly, so that no one would notice, she saw across the street to see a taxi coming towards her, she hailed it down and went towards the bank

it was 7.30 the bank would close in half an hour, she told the driver to hurry up, 10 minutes later she reached the bank, she went to the bank manager, he noticed her disoriented look, he asked " Farhana how come you are here??, and that too at this time of the night?" she figured that he hadn't heard about the explosion, "A certain urgent situation came in uncle, I want the locker key you have, I came from a friend's house, so I forgot the key in my home itself, can I have it?” she said, the manger smiled and said “ it's against the company rules, but I will give it, don't forget next time” and handed out the key, she went into the locker room, opening the locker she found what she had come for, the money kept for the vacation trip, which she was to leave two days later, tears came in again, and thoughts of what had happened crept over, she shuddered when the voice of officer came in, she also saw that her family's passports were there, she looked at all and picked her up, she closed the locker and handing over they key to the manager left the bank.

She thought of going to her friends place, but none of them came to her mind, thinking of the old castle, she started walking towards that direction, the leg still hurt but she quickened her steps, as she was walking, thoughts of ankita came to her mind, would she help her now?? seeing the situation she dint knew, but she had to contact her, as she was the only last hope in her life.

She noticed a business man with a laptop walking in front of her, she walked towards him and said "Sir can i speak with you for a minute??", the man turned around and said "see girl i am in a hurry whats it? tell me quick" farhana said "can i borrow your laptop for a couple of minutes, i have to contact a friend" he noticed her from head to toe, as her look was like a combination of beggar and thief, he hesitated, farhana noticing this said "Sir don't worry, i have a bad wound in my knee i wont run, i have been through hell today and if i don't get to contact my friend,i am just as good as dead, please sir" he hesitated again, but handed over the laptop and said " be quick with it" she thanked him and quickly connecting to the Internet, sent a email to ankita stating what had happened to her, to her good luck ankita came online just to that instant and when she read the email there was no message for a couple of seconds, farhana figured that ankita was crying she waited, a message came “Where are you now?” she said, farhana answered “On the street, I am going towards the castle, I don't know what to do ankita!!, I don't have anywhere to go, oh god I have messed it all up, I am the culprit, I killed my parents, I did............”,

“Don't say like that farha, you are not to blame, the guilty will be punished for the wrong things they have done, don't worry, my dad is the Inspector General in Delhi, he will do everything within his reach, you don't have to live there, i will make the necessary arrangements for your work visa, but it will take time, maybe a week or so, until then you have to stay there itself” said Ankita, “No don't wanna burden you” retorted farhana, “don't act stupid, what are you gonna do there, die!, thats not a option just do as I say all right” said ankita.

Farhana couldn't think, there was no one she could turn to now, things had just gotten worse but still a hope was coming, her heart said to accept, she decided that she will, a message came “What are you gonna do farha?” she said “I will see, cause here I cant think of a single person I can trust” answered farhana. ankita thought quickly, her eye suddenly fell on the newspaper, she said, “hey here is some good news, our prime minister atal bihari vajapayee is coming to Pakistan in the next day or so, and he has said he will hold peace talks with your president, but before that he will also be seen in an interaction program with the citizens of Pakistan you can take your plea there, and make him look into your situation, if that is done, I am sure he will co operate and will make the authorities let know about the scenario” a sense of relief came over farhana, yes that can be done, she thanked anikta and said goodbye, thanking the stranger she handed the laptop to the him and started walking towards the castle to plan her next move.
to be continued............


Keshi said...

This post gives a voice to all those innocents affected by senseless hatred.

Very well-written and I like this song of my favs.


Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ keshi thank you again, i tried to put a little hope on this one, thank you again, take care

ANWESA said...

the plot thickens...awaiting the high-voltage next part.i would very much like to know about this lil' girl's journey..

AB HOME Interiors said...

Thank god for the stranger with the laptop! Poor Farhana. But we will wait for more! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Didn't see that coming..Acceptance pitted against hatred.....Interesting twist...

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ anwesa: :)

@ Amanda: hey i follow your blog ya, and no thanking, we are blog buddies remember???

@ choco: thank so much for the comment take care......

pawan said...

A lot of typos and errors in there. Just rectify them. You should keep in mind that, Aspirin and Nausea do not have plural forms, hope you get me.

It is important to sustain the readers interests while making them read long posts, and these kind of errors can be irritating.

Apart from that, the story has some intense moments though quite filmy I enjoyed it!

P.S: Please do bear in mind that I am not giving negative comments about the story but some feedback for improvement! Hope you understand.


Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ pawan: i and my cousin brother were editing this pawan and suddenly my aunt well unwell so everyone got into her care, so editing is all in a mess here yaar, thx a ton for your comments, and no yaar commets are never negetive, cause they help you write better

filmy, hmm you r the first one to say that, :) i am glad that you liked it, take care and send in your valuable comments everytime like this so that i can improve for the better, tc