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Well i am drenched, exhausted, sad, angry and a lot more from my visit to mysore, my life has changed a hundred folds, from living in a small town called coorg, to the city that i live today, it has also brought a lot of changes in my life, i now wash my clothes myself,(Damn its back breaking job), i now iron my clothes myself (but most of the time its done by my BIG cousin bro ;)), i now take the responsibilities for the mistakes done by me, in short, i have grown up from a small town guy, to the next big thing in the city :D,

I also learnt a very very good thing, i think we all can relate to that, its called 'making wrong assumptions', in our life, what we assume to be good becomes bad, and what we assume bad becomes good, Life is all about learning, getting experienced, and ultimately taking decisions which would change you for the better, well I have been doing just that, and getting to know more about the beast called life :), but from a week or so my life has changed with so many twists and turns, that if it would be made into a film..., I think it would have won an Oscar, so without further delay let’s gets started with the Oscar process,

Start camera, rolling…..


Scene one: When I went to make a PAN (permanent account number) card, I went to the office, there I saw a girl who was the assistant, one look at her face and I thought my work is not gonna be easy here, she seemed all snotty and like a person who is completely frustrated with her job and life, I asked her “can I have an application?”, she handed me one, and told me what all to fill out, and was the most helpful person ever, she talked so sweet and in such a calm manner, you had to hear her, it made me feel so very bad about my assumption, ohh I can’t explain, I hated myself at that instant, that’s when I got to know Bad what I thought was, actually = Good

Scene two: When I first read her blog, I thought, here’s a girl who’s got attitude like none other, and also she is the coolest girl I have seen err read about, I mean she can beat anyone in coolness(amith beware ;)), she can even make ICE jealous of her and make it melt, that’s about her coolness, when I read the blog further, I thought she doesn’t care about any other person, and just likes to live in her own world, but when she wrote a post, about her relation with a child link, you have to read those words to get to know her, She has got attitude all right, and seems strong as rock, but beneath all that she is the most caring and the sweetest person, she really cares about others, but does not let them know that she does, I made a terrible judgment call when I thought she was just another bad person, my apologies yaar ( i think you know who you are, ;))very sorry about that, that’s when I got to know, Bad what I thought was actually = Good.

(Go grab some chips, a coke and get back quick ;))
(Back already?? ok nice, lets continue)

Scene Three: After winning a war (Read: Writing Exam), I was talking with my friend (let’s call him ‘Mr Fool’) and coming back, he has been good at times, so I made an assumption he would be of a good character too, but here I got to know what he is really like, We were just talking about college stuff when I mentioned to him, “Nikhil (name changed) is very intelligent na?”, when I told him this, he got back at me saying, “What?? Him!! I hate that guy, Intelligent my foot, He is just a bluff man, what do you think thousif?”, actually I too don’t like nikhil so much, I would have told him this, but these guys (i.e nikhil and Mr fool) are like bestest frenz ever, and when he told me like that, it got me thinking, I somehow sensed, Mr fool is playing with me so that I say something bad about Nikhil and, he would say the same and make me look bad, My brain bulb lighted up and I said “No yaar he is better than me and you both, but i will let nikhil know, what you think about him!!” and put a stop to his evil idea, he sulked about not getting his prey and went home, this was the 1st time when I got to know, Good is actually = bad, :o.


Scene Four:

I was returning from town, after a winning another war ;), while I saw my uncle, aunt, their kids and some of their relatives walking on road, my uncle’s kid named Sawan Kumar (Name changed :D) is crazy about me, the only reason for that is, he is not actually crazy about me, he is crazy about the computer I have, because it has all the latest games, so whenever he sees me he flings on me like a frog's tongue jumps on a fly :D, so as he saw me he got all crazy and started screaming all over the place, but when I saw my aunt she had turned her back towards me, it was as though like I was not there itself, while I was just 2 feet away from her, uncle called out and said “see, Thousif is here” she turned back and said “ooh when did you come?”, it was like she dint even knew I was there, but it got me thinking, while someone screams, you either have to be deaf or either you have to ignoring someone, she was definitely not deaf ,she was just ignoring me….

It wouldn’t have hurt me so much, but when she sees me she cares about me, but the ignoring part happens every time when her relatives come to visit her or when she sees me on road and all, what I thought was care, was actually FAKE care which she showed just for the heck of it, that’s when I got to know another time, Good is actually = Bad, : o,

Message of the film: Never make a judgment call before you know a person completely, give him/her a chance, they may be nice, but never let your guard down, they may also be evil.


So will it win an Oscar???

I already know your answer it’s BIG “NO” lol, but if you have better views about people, then enlighten me with your comments, they will be duly noted. also dont forget to state a name for the film too :P.

and for my regular readers, i know this wasnt much of my best post, but behold, cause there is a feast coming towards you in my next post, i have been indulging in something creative and will let you know about it all in my next post, so dont you miss out, cause if you do, you will lose BIG time, so start getting psyched right now :P......

take care all of you, may god bless you all with happiness to last for a life time, cya soon


AB HOME Interiors said...

Will it win an oscar, hmmm. Have you seen slumdog?? Haha You may have a winner here. And it has VERY GOOD moral underlinings. And the title??

Never Assume

Keshi said...

yep, u never know what can come out of any situation in life, good/bad. we've just got to hang in there to see it all :)


Anonymous said...

Hey such a unique way of presenting stuff! Shows that you are a thinker in real life!
I read Mon Espace but I had not seen that post of hers. Thanks for sharing:)

Vyazz said...

Nice four scene plot.....mebbe u can win a critics award at one of those international film festivals... ;)

Anonymous said...

i don't have time to read everything..
but u live in coorg.. oh my god oh my god oh my go oh my god! I have heard that its a real beautiful place.. oh my god.. i have SEEN the pics! oh GOD! Its such a such a beautiful place.. oh MY god!

Gayathri said... knew it only now??:P..u r late dear..:P
i seem to be a very serious girl,who is full of airs..but see,im really sweet ryt :P..likewise.. :D

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Amanda: yeah i saw that, and i agree with you mine is way better that that film :P, thx a lot for dropping by, tc

@ keshi: i am so very happy to find you here already, now i know why you have so huge of a fan following ;), thx a lot for the comment

@ choco: thank you thank you very much, appreciation ke liye bahut mushkil so socha tha jo kaam kar gaya ;), tc

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ vyazz: good to see ya back where did you go for my last post hmmmm??, and abt the award,lets see lol :D

@ Ramya: i had heard that kerala is gods beautiful country, why r u so excited abt coorg???, and abt the 'not reading' well chalo time diya, but you have to read it on sunday ok, tc cya

@ gayathri: yeah i know :P, but kya karen lazy lathief jo hain hum, and abt the sweetnes ou are the sweetest i have seen :), tc

ANWESA said...

movie's name-- FIRST LOOKS

it was a good post Thousif.
reminded me of the 1st impressions i had of ppl,which changed drastically with time.

eagerly waiting for your next post....

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ anwesa: hmm nice name, and you have all the reasons to be excited abt, be waiting tc cya

pawan said...

Hmmm.. A long post needs a detailed thinking, so I'll be back in a day or two to drop a comment!

N.B: Thanks for dropping by my blog! I will for sure drop by ur blog regularly! And hope u do the same to! :P

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ pawan:now thats a deal i would love to say a yes....

so yes you b at mine and i will be at yours :)

take care c ya

manjiT said...

its about compatibilty. wrong thing in a wrong place is always hazardous. but basically good ppl always make up for their wrong by doin more good.
but anyways the bottomline is, it is fools who discuss people. i just stopped judging people. live one moment at a time, and just dont expect much....

p.s:i dont blog much, so i may not be able to keep in touch wid you for a few months.

Chriz said...

duno if it wud garner an oscar.. loved veda's version of that 8 year old girl:)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ manjit: you are all learnt, i am in it so no harm done rgt??? anyways dont be too late ok drop by when you got time, tc

@ chriz: oji blog mai likho aur praise koi aur le jaye, not fair ;), anywyaz thx for your comment yaar, take care

Sreeram Shenoy said...

Awesome post...I initially thought it was some script of a movie...phir patha chala its surely one like Dus Kahaniya if you could write the screen play with dialogues for each one!! ;)

Insaaniyat ke baare mein likhna koi aapse seekhe! :)
Achcha laga bhai! :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ shreeram: well i found you here at last hmm, well insaneeyat ke bare me toh pata nahi, par hamere life mey itne sare twist hai ki, apko aur kya batae, aap ko to pata hi hoga ;), anyways felt really nice reading your comment, keep em coming for more ok, tc c cya

ANWESA said...

i kno i sound desperate...but i'm dying to read d nxt it soon.....