The Pain Of Satisfaction - Part 4

Part 4

She woke up to the cold wind blowing on her face, last night she had thought of a way, as to what she was gonna do, she would have to stay in taliban itself, at least till the prime minister came, she thought of everybody she knew, and only one name came up, there was an old woman Ruksar who lived a little far to her school, farhana had helped her many times, she always asked farhana to stay at her home but she had refused, but today it was different for at least 2 days or more she wanted a home to stay, and ruksar was the only one she could rely on, her leg pain had eased but she was damn hungry, walking down the castle road she saw a shop, she went and bought breakfast, but the shopkeeper had a recognizing look in his eye, she sensed walking without a burkha would just bring trouble, she went into a dress shop and bought one and walked towards Ruksar's house.

She reached to see that she was in home, farhana told her story and Ruksar couldn't help fight back her tears, she said “God is kind farhana, he will help you”,

“yeah he is the only one who I have the most trust on, I believe he will solve all this, but still if I stay here, it will just be more trouble, but till the prime minister comes, I have to, is it ok??” said farhana. Ruksar dint reply but just extended her arms in a welcome stance, farhana ran and hugged her and wept like she had never did, it reminded her of nazneen, and she cried some more and simply like that fell asleep in her lap.

She woke up the next day, Ruksar wasn't there, farhana guessed she would have gone to bring something, she went to the bathroom and took a bath, as she got out she saw Ruksar return, after having the breakfast she got down to think how she would meet the prime minister, suddenly there was a announcement on the radio that the prime minister of India had reached Islamabad and after formal greetings with the president he would start his interaction program with the people tomorrow morning in Islamabad, farhana couldn't lose time, she thought “its 11 o clock now, if I take a train I will reach there by 9 tomorrow morning”, she thanked Ruksar for her help and hugging her one more time, she left, she reached the station and took a ticket to Islamabad, she sat back and thought how her whole life had changed in just a matter of 3 days, there was sharp pain in her heart when she thought of her parents, but she decided now she has to be strong, and held back her tears and stared into the fields beside the window, she felt tired and initially fell asleep.

She woke up to the blaring horn of the train, she looked at the watch it was 6 in the morning, it was still 3 hours till she reached Islamabad, so she began writing a letter that explained her situation to the prime minister, hours passed another horn suggested that she had reached Islamabad,

She began her journey, finding the place was not difficult cause the whole city was talking about the program, she reached the place and when she saw the Que, she was in awe, it extended like a snake with no tail, but still she joined it, the sun was up and it made her situation even worse, as she dint even have breakfast, she felt giddy and almost fainted on 2 occasions, at last at 4.30 in the evening her turn came, after the security check she went in and handed the letter, he read the letter and when he looked at her eyes, it just had truth in them, for a second he had tears, but covering those he said “i will look into this matter 1st thing tomorrow morning, until then you stay here in Islamabad itself, with the army supervision as per my command” farhana agreed and in the morning as promised he talked with the president, the president initially said its just a rumor and no army is involved, but when he showed him the letter the president was in a sense of disbelief, he ordered an inquiry and within the next evening all the officers committed to the crime were apprehended , farhana was called in to confirm they were the same and when she confirmed, criminal charges were booked against them,

Couple of days passed, farhana said about the work visa to the president, he said “There is no need, you can just stay here”,

“I don't have anyone here, but my friend lives in India, if I go there I will be all right” said farhana, “I said no means No” said the president, when farhana said this to Ankita, she took in immediate steps and with help of her dad alerted the Human Rights Authority, and along with some of her friends she built a community and took out Processions all over the streets of Delhi, Ankita even took the help of the media, she knew using the media was a like double edged sword, but as she wanted all the help she could gather, she did it too,
The campaign was getting massive coverage and was so strong that it took a rage all over the country, finally matters were taken up by Indian president and as the prime minister was in Pakistan itself, Committee was set up and orders were passed on the basis that, as the girl (farhana) dint have any criminal record against her and was also a major, she could take her own decisions, The president gave permission that, she could come and stay in India, the president of Pakistan at first dint agree but owing to further pressure, he took a decision that letting go of her would be far better than making her stay.

Truth had finally won.

The procedure took 3 weeks and after successful conviction of the guilty, she got necessary documents signed from the president of Pakistan and the prime minister of India, She looked up the sky and silently thanked god for his blessings, later her visa was cleared without any hassle and also an air ticket to Delhi was sponsored. collecting everything, she left to airport and boarded the plane, looking out of the window, there were just thoughts, the place which she called home was now no where, she had lost everything that was important to her and was going to place where, she had to find her new identity, to find a new way of life, to find a new beginning...............
to be continued.......................


Keshi said...

This part gives Hope to many ppl out there. Dreams can come true, good times will come after all, just hang in there. Thats the msg I got from this great write-up.

I got all teary reading the last lines...


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

hi thousif..

thanks a zillion for that warm welcome.. i am truly honoured and touched to know that you havent forgotten me yet.. missed your heartfelt comments and encouragement..

stay around..

p.s. you havent started following my blog yet.. :(

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ keshi: you made me all teary eyed with that comment keshi, cause i have really tried hard to put in emotions in this story, from the bottom of my heart i thank you for your comments, take care

@ Kajal: hmm i know i know i am good, and sorry cause y'day power went of so ouldny follow i will do it rgt now, and be regular to my blog from now on ok tc

ANWESA said...

this was all about human hopes and struggle for rushing to the next part of the story...

Anonymous said...

This reminded me that one fights the hardest when pushed to a corner...

pawan said...

Excellent man!
After I read your five part series, I will just tell u how to rectify a few mistakes through mail!
Please post ur email id!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ pawan: lease do, the id is in my profile page pawan, but here it for another time