A Firefly dressed as Santa Claus :P

Guess what I am back to studying journalism :P

Remember couple of posts earlier I had said that i was denied a seat!! well I got it back...I know I know I sound like a firefly, saying “Now my ass is on fire, Now its not...........” :P, but the primary reason for this “firefly” act was that earlier I was trying for the government seat but now I am joining in by payment seat, i.e more than 85k. I know it doesn't sound a lot of money to you, but its a lot to me, my parents actually :P. so yes I am back onto chasing my dream. Again :D.

Well for this mistake(Read: Blunder) that I committed, I am not asking sorry from you guys :P, instead I am giving away gifts(how sweet of me na... ;))

I know Christmas is far away, but still gifts are always good to give right??, and anyways I love giving gifts, (Cause they are free, at least in the virtual world :P)

So here are some of the blogs which have changed my life, Literally, I mean the way these guys write is very addictive, literally, because every time I don't read these blogs, I feel like I am deprived of something(Read: Drugs), you guys are so awesome, I come online in between 3 or 4 days , because of my hectic(Read: Lazy) schedule,and when the day comes when I go online, I run and am out of breath when I reach the cyber cafe, Literally :D, and you should look at the puzzled look on the cafe owner's face, he might think I am mad or something, and I would say he is 72.86% right on that, 72.86% only though :P

And mind you these awards have been created by my own beautiful hands and are copyrighted, if anybody tries to steal them and pose them as their own, I will kick your asses, Literally No, Virtually Yes :P.

So my Drug dealers ;) here is the list of my favorite blogs which supply my favorite drug by which I live this gifted Life ;)

The list is continued from these posts link1 and link2

# 11 Blog to Change My Life : Harshita's Chill Out Zone

Awesome is just an understatement for this blog, I mean she is the one person I would trust my life on, Sometimes I cant figure out what is she, human? or superhuman?, If superman was a woman and had an Indian version of it I think harshita would be it, her writing is more powerful than sunny paaji's dhai kilo ka haath, cause when she writes about social injustice, it makes you feel bad, not just about the person or situation, but about yourself, thinking why cant I do something about this?? even after reading her blog post it will linger in your heart and, it will always be reminding you, be good dude, be good (at least today), and when she writes about her life, you wouldn't wanna miss it for the world, because your every worry will go away when you read it, its so.., I mean its so very good..

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Live life to the fullest, But never ever forget your responsibility, and help someone, whenever you can.

Awards Given: A)


#12 Blog to Change My Life: As The Mind Meanders

This guy knows his cool, I mean cool can be his middle name, whatever I mean Whatever he writes is so awesome that you are left with a feeling which says “Damn why cant I write like this guy??” and his readers will vouch for that, believe me, everything he writes is so very innovative that awesomeness oozes out of his writing. I mean just give him a picture and you will have a story in no time and that too in such a unique way that you are left spell bound when you read it, yes I know its hard to believe, but its true all right, when I read his blog it taught me that an open mind is far more capable than a bound one. So....

Lesson learnt about life: Let the MindMeander Dude, Let it just Meander ;)

Award Given:

#13 Blog to change my life: The Other Perspective

Genius is the least that he can be called, I mean he has more potential that a Nuclear Bomb,(his head is normal though, I don't know how) Innovation and creativity are at its best in his writing. Because its unique in its own ways, its strong and its hard to believe, because you wont be able to believe and will just think “can somebody write so good?”, and you will be hitting your fist to your head more than a couple of times asking only one question over and over again which is “Now why didn't I think of that??”, the stories he writes are so powerful that after you read them you will feel like you have been hit by Mike Tyson himself, really shocking stuff, real good stuff. According to me his winning formula is only this 'Think Unique-Think some more-Write-Achieve', and thats what exactly I too will be working on from now on.

Lesson learnt about life: Think Think and think some more

Award Given:

#14 blog to change my life: Viva Forever

Keshi. Ah the name itself is enough. She is the most humane human I have ever seen in this so mean of a world. She is so pure hearted that I think by just with her one touch she can even make flowers blossom in a barren dessert, her words are like small drops of heaven which make me feel blessed every time I read them, everything she writes is so emotional and so touching towards your life that you will feel “how come she is living my life?” , you will relate to her life so very much.
She is a really amazing person, I mean amazing doesn't even describe her, you know she is basically from Srilanka working in America but she has a sponsored child in Srilanka, she just doesn't send her money for the child's caring, but even writes personalized letters, buys clothes and does everything to make the child happy, even though she is so far away, who in the world does that nowadays??, people don't have time for themselves and in these times she cares for him and not just for him but for every person who cares for her, she is so good that even if you don't like her(only reason could be you are Satan), she with her care will make you to forget that and make you love her for what she is, I mean if I start writing I will run out of words and still wont be able to make justice as to how much of a true hearted person she is, her words are my inspirations, I was a mess one time, but when I read a post of her about how to find love in yourself, I have been a much much better person now, all thanks to her, I mean I just cannot thank her enough for writing, for making me feel belonged, for being always there, I just wanna thank god for making me come across her blog and making me to get to know her, if I now run into bad situation or get depressed for some reason, I think from keshi's preceptive and even though the problem might not be solved, fighting it becomes a whole a lot easier, I just wanna say “keshi the biggest change in my life was brought by you, I owe everything to you for that, and whenever you need me (or even if you don't need me :P)I will be always there for you, its my promise now and it will be my promise forever.”

Lesson learnt about life: Life is a BIG mess, Just be patient and sort it out and it will be the most beautifulest thing ever.

Award Given: A)



OK those were the blogs that changed my life, but the coming blogs supply the best medicine known to man. Laughter.

Miss Kido

when I first read her blog, I was so impressed that I literally wanted to say Ma kido devi ki jai :D, I mean she knows funny and believe me I have read couple of funny blogs(no pun intended) and they are no way close to her, she with her striked word lines can make anyone laugh, and in just a matter of minutes I was her fan already, at that moment itself i read all her posts, and I gotta tell you I was literally on floor laughing, not just me when I showed her posts to my cousin brother it was the repeat of my floor situation, and he rarely laughs mind you, so I just wanna say, “Kido your writing makes me forget my worries and makes me feel better every time I read your blog, thank you for that and lemme tell you, your advice rocks :D”

Award Given:

The more I say about this guy the less it is, I mean he the funniest man I have ever read, his stories, his one liners are always and I mean always great to read, he writes about his life(mostly lies) and as much as they are funny it leaves a sensitive edge which the readers tend to hang on to, by which they are forced into dilemma as to whether its true or false?, he also has and alter ego, who is more cool than the author chriz itself, his posts always have a point to prove and he proves it in the most funniest way possible, he is the motivation for me, by which I became a lil more funny and lil more 'less serious' in my life, I mean You the man chriz, you the man. ;)

Award Given:

and for the guys who dint make it on the list, here is an award for you too

The(fake)Award given: (see I can be generous too :P).

Congrats to all the winners, hope you all liked your surprises, till next time god bless, take care......


pawan said...

Thanks Thanks and Thanks again Thousif!
For making me a virtual thinker and making my blog more popular than what it is!
I am honoured mate!

ANWESA said...

Congrats to you for making it to journalism!!!

and ur totally generous man!!!u giv an award to ppl who missed it :) awesome!!! ur gonna be a greatly creative journo... n u'll b happy 2 kno dat harshita is sum1 whom i adore the most in bloggerville ..

Thousif Raza said...

@ pawan: dont mention it man you deserved it yaar, truly

@ anwesa: thank you so very much, its your support that has brought me to achive this mehek, and yes harshita is awesome i agree :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Thousif. Now you can finally study in peace. 85k IS a lot yaa..But studies don't come cheap these days. We are so used to the around 1 lakh and above figures...
& cool that you have continued the awards... :)

As the Mind Meanders said...

Thousif Bhai...

Nahin yaar... itna nahin... ab mera chane ka jaad kahan hai :-)

Thank you bhai... appreciate it... although I am not sure that I am as deserving as you make it sound... still feels good...

Thousif Raza said...

@ choco: i know ya :), thx :), take care

@ as the mind meanders: dude you write about cockroaches which gets more than 40 comments and you score a international reader with it who became genuine fan of yours, you look at a pic and write a story 20 mins later, and you are thinking you are not innovative, thats not t all innovative bro, you are great thats it case closed, take care c ya soon

Keshi said...

today I wrote in my blog...for souls like u. u wud be happy Thousif :)


akanksha said...

Congrats! Its gr8 tht u can follow ur dream now:)

I m not on the list:( Sob Sob

Gayathri said...

Oh! so finally you get on the track! good..congrats..:)

Disguise said...

Congratulations :) :)
You can finally do what you want now.
It feels great, doesn't it?

rawcogs said...

Yeh except i just noticed i commented on the wrong text. Was supposed to go for the violence towards women one. Do not have time to read this post, hell it is long, but will pop here someday soon to do it in a better moment. X

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

i came here to read you.. :D read through your post.. feel like congratulating on your journalism :)

but at the same time i got jealous of all these people who got such beautiful (well deserved) awards.. so i ran to your 'link 2' to (re)recieve my award which you had given to the pink orchid(now rane) .. i just hope i still deserve that award from you..

kill me if its a kiddish act..but i am putting that award up on my blog right away.. - uber amazing blog

Rane :)

Anonymous said...

1) My hearty congratulations to you :)

2) All the very best for the journey ahead :)

3) Thank you so much :)

4) I'm so sorry, I've missed a lot of posts here... Shall catch up with them as & when time permits :)

5) Take care :) Blog on!!! :)

Butterfly Thoughts said...

congrats dear a lot. U need to chase your dreams or they wil just leave you. Was awaty for a while but now I am back and a lot of posts to cath up.Lucky ppl who got the awards. I hope I have better luck next time:-) I want to earn it from you and not ask it for. keep writing.

Thousif Raza said...

@ Keshi: hi keshi good to know your back i read it, i am still sad though and you know why...

@ Akansha: thank you, and blog more often ya, i love to read what you write, attendance on your blog itself is low, so you missed it :P, so now on be regular ok

@ gayathri: yes at last, thx for the wishes....

Thousif Raza said...

@ Disguise: hi ya, welcome to my blog, glad to see you here, thank you thank you and yes it feels awesome, hope to see more of here, take care

@ Rawcogs, hope that comes soon, i will be waiting............

@ Rane: the award was always your, chahe to do char aur chooralo no prob :P, good to see ya back after a long time, aur aaya karo yaar, take care c ya

Thousif Raza said...

@ Miss kido: thank you, glad to see you here, and you are forgiven, but keep your promise ok, take care

@ butterfly thoughts: i thought you forgot me hmmm, good to see ya back, and thx for thoe lovely wishes, you will earn it ya, next time i promise :), take care

Chronicwriter said...

honoured bro.. kind words indeed. that was indeed lengthy.. very glad.. i am not visiting pages offlate.. would be regular soon..

God bless..



Thousif Raza said...

@ chriz: at last you came haan, hmmm good and hope to cya soon. take care