How to make a decision? And exhaustive theory by a restless mind

What is the one thing that defines a person? What is the one thing that makes people talk about you; assume things about you; praise you?

It’s the decision a person makes.

This is how it always happens, isn’t it? When we have to go to a new place and don’t know how to reach there, we almost always take the help of technology. Google Maps or a GPS system inside your car will easily provide navigation, helping you to reach the place without any hiccups. The way how we can easily find our way using this method has always fascinated me. I have always thought about how amazing it would be if we could have a GPS system that would guide us and help us navigate when we have to move through the puzzling maze of making a decision.

Fantasies aside, making a decision is difficult for a reason. We have to stick by them because they define who we are. Choosing a salad over fried chicken tell us we value our health more than the taste.  Choosing to tell the truth over lying speaks about how much we value honesty. The impact of decisions can be so huge that it can prove to be detrimental to our character if we take a wrong one.
So as per the headline, how do you make a decision? How do you decide what to do? There are only 2 ways and these are so simple that you may stop reading this article when you find out about them.

Ready? Ok. Here they are:

1. Think a lot
2. Don’t think at all

So there it is. It’s that simple. But here’s the thing, you can’t follow only one of them throughout your life. You have to keep switching between the two depending upon the situation and some times, no matter which path you take, you still end up feeling like you’ve made the wrong choice. It’s very easy at these times to blame yourself. And when you blame yourself, you tend to feel the massive weight of what you went ahead with and lose focus on what should be done.

So the bottom line is that decisions are a part of one’s life. There is no getting out of making them; there’s no running away from them and there’s certainly no navigation system that will carefully help you navigate through the tough turns that pop up in life. Instead what you can do is own your decision. If you took the wrong one, own up to your mistake and take the flak. If you feel like you’ve made the right one then stand up for it. That’s how you make a decision, by sticking to it.

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