Love vs. Desire

Finding a job can be an amazing thing. You have this sense of purpose and responsibility that you’ve never had before and as you keep doing it every day, you tend to learn new things, understand the tricks to the trade and generally fall in love with it, if you like what you do. It all feels great till you finally realize one day that the job you’re doing is eating you up from the inside. You won’t recognize the impact of these small changes, but the stress, the arguments with clients, the urge to please everyone can sometimes overwhelm you to such a level that you wouldn’t be able to see beyond your job.

I love my job. There are no two things about it. But as everyone says, love makes people blind. My love towards my work has led me away from some of the other things that have always been close to my heart.

I’ve always felt that there is a hidden travel bug inside of me; one that wants me to explore the scenic mountains of Shimla or the exquisite temples of Khajuraho. But work has always been a priority. So whenever someone asked me to join them on an expedition or an outing, my go-to answer would always be a NO; maybe next time; you know how it is.

Every time I saw pictures of old colleagues on FB riding their bikes to the world’s highest motor-able road - the Khardung Pass; or posting a hundred selfies from the beaches of Goa, I used to think 'I wish I was there’ ‘Why can’t that be me?’ Then suddenly I’d get an email asking me to work on something that was super urgent and I’d forget about it. But the travel bug inside of me wouldn’t sit still.

I would fantasize about buying a car and then just zooming off to some exotic destination. All through the drive I’d play my favorite music and sometimes go intentionally off track just so that I could find something that I’d never thought of finding before. I wouldn’t be worried about getting lost because the GPS would always be there to help me with navigation. And besides that I’ve always felt that asking people for directions is the best way to find your way. So maybe I’d just do that. Who knows? I mean I can dream anything I want, right? But as always it has remained a dream.

My heart is full of wishes and wanderlust. It’s filled with wants to see the sunrise in Kashmir and sunset in Kanyakumari. Maybe someday I’d be able to realize them all. Maybe someday my FB would be filled with hundreds of pictures that’d inspire someone to quench their thirst of wanderlust. Till then I have to wait and keep on dreaming a hundred new dreams every day.

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Image Credits: Pixabay/keenicon