The best way to listen to music

The headline makes it pretty clear about what this blog post is all about. Yes, I’m about to drop some knowledge on the best ways to listen to music and the answers will surprise you.

Nobody can deny listening to music. Whether you like old time Rafi songs, or the latest Honey Singh Raps, everyone has their own taste in music and everyone has their own way of listening to them. Whether you use earphones so that you can be the only one to enjoy the bliss music brings with it or you are blasting songs through your 5000W speakers till the neighbors call the cops, the way we listen to music sometimes defines the way we are. So without further ado, lets jump right into the answers to the world’s most important question ‘What’s the best way to listen to music?’


Earphones come at the top of the list for a reason. They create a perfect cocoon of bliss and entertainment around you. When you’re listening to music with your earphones on, there’s no past or future, you just belong to the moment. Even if your mom is yelling, or your boss is calling you to do some important work, earphones make the painful world of reality go away. You can sleep, run, cook, write and do a hundred different things when music is on and there’s no one to disturb you. Those comfy earmuffs on your head become your best friend. But don’t tell that to your girlfriend, because then she’ll think you’re just weird. Believe me! I say that from experience!

Home Theater System

Home Theater System is like having a super power in your hands. You can make the utensils in your kitchen fall down. You’ll realize the exact level of volume your mother’s screams can go up to. You can unite the entire neighborhood with a single objective of how to make you stop.
The way those speakers can make yours and your grandpa’s heart thunder at more than 100 beats per minute will redefine the meaning of being alive.  Listening to music on a home theater system is the way god intended music to be listened. You take that from me. I say that from experience.

Inside A Car

The best way of bringing people together and starting a surprise Antakshari is when you switch on a song in the car. No matter whether you’re driving a rental or your own, music can bring people together in a car within seconds. Playing music in a car is like creating your own world full of happiness, delight and absolute awesomeness. People on the road, especially the cop standing at the signal might hate you for it, but the joy of listening to music on high volume in a car is just too tempting to resist. Personally, playing music inside a car is my favorite way of listening to music. And as always, I say that from experience.

So how about you guys? Do you feel the same or different? Share your comments down below and let me know how you like to listen to your favorite music.

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