Peppy Paneer Pizza

So here's the story of how the peppy paneer pizza from 'a pizza place' became her all-time favorite pizza.

Her first date was in 'a pizza place' where they ordered a medium "Veg Extravaganza" pizza. They did not talk much except tell in between bites that they have had better pizzas before and how they should never come to 'this pizza place' because the pizza was not that great. The way they were behaving looked like a crappy movie scene staged with really bad actors. They tried to string words together but the sentences....they all just failed to make sense altogether.

Their next date was also at the 'same pizza place'. It was raining heavily and they were soaked to their skin and 'that pizza place' was the only decent eatery open and the smell of hot pizza, whenever the door opened, was overwhelming and anything hot seemed immensely appetizing at that point. So, '5 peppers' sounded spicy enough to jog their whole body into some sort of action and semblance, so that was what was ordered. Another round of have-had-better-pizza talk followed.

The third date was a crappy Bollywood movie, but they kissed, so it was special in some way.
After that, everyone lost count.

But it was on a Saturday - an amazing magical Saturday - and it was summer when they were at 'that same pizza place' again.

There was only one table available and it was right below the AC. There they were sitting oblivious to the fact that they were going to love the pizza they had just ordered; that they will be spending countless moments sitting there and the AC will be the only witness when they slowly fall in love with each other.

This was the first time they had ordered Peppy Paneer pizza, a small one with just four slices. But one bite into the first slice and they knew that they were going to be coming back here again. 

After finishing it, he suggested they order another one, a large one this time. With belly already half full, she asked "Are you crazy? You know how large the pizza will be? We will not be able to finish it" To which he said "I can. You wanna bet ?" Then lo and behold, he went on to devour 6 of the 8 slices. She herself managed to eat 2 slices and gave up on the way to her third and just sat there watching him eat and eat. When he took the first bite from the 6th slice she had bitten into was when she blurted out something she was supposed to just say to herself "You are crazy. I love you." She then went onto blush a color of red that was deeper than the color of the red pepper on the pizza. She couldn't believe that she had just said it out loud. Not missing a beat, he replied without hesitation "I love you too" and went on to finish the last slice of the pizza with a huge smile.

He finally said, "We should come here more often. I liked 'this pizza and this place' but most of all I like being here only when I'm with you."

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